Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight
Fusion Hotels and Resorts

"Since using Rate Insight, our teams have improved their efficiency, completing tasks an estimated 60% faster."

Aashish Trivedi, Group Director of Revenue

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TFE video testimonial

TFE Hotels

Shaizeen Contractor, Chief Revenue Officer for TFE Hotels praises Rate Insight's efficiency and data accuracy. The platform gives her revenue team the confidence to better manage their distribution.

Why OTA Insight?

Find out why OTA Insight is the preferred partner of smart hoteliers when it comes to solving their rate, parity and revenue issues.

Radisson Hotel Group

Gianni Di Fede, Vice President Total Revenue Performance about how Rate Insight is helping Radisson Group understand their market demand and pricing drivers.

Sydell Group

“Rate Insight has been a game changer, the tool enables us to connect the dots and plan ahead.” Gary Glodowski, Regional Director Revenue Management.


"Revenue Insight has been amazing, we recorded a 7.4% increase in RGI over the last six months."
Alexis Warburton, Regional Director - Revenue Management and Distribution.
Pacifica Hotels - Marina del Rey Hotel-edited-image

Pacifica Hotels

"We’ve managed to lower the frequency of undercutting by OTA’s in our hotel portfolio down to only 3% of the time." Brandon Burtis, Corporate Director of Revenue.

Refinery Hotel

"It’s easy to recommend OTA Insight to other hotels. I might not recommend it to my direct competitors though, because it’s really been helping me!"
Michelle Mu, Director of Revenue

Leonardo Hotels

Jean Buche, Director of Revenue Management Europe shares how important accurate and fresh data is for revenue managers, when markets can change prices 10 times a day.
SKT Petri-Video-Testimonial

SKT. Petri Hotel

Tom Cludts, Revenue Manager at Nordic Choice Hotels says the choice for OTA Insight is an easy one to make; "This is the best tool out there".
Fairmont Baku Rate Insight Success story

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

"Reliable data and live updates make it possible for us to adapt to market demand and stay a step ahead of our competition." Nikolaos Tsitsoulis, Director of Revenue.

Doma Hotels

"Rate Insight convinced me because it is very simple to use, especially when you manage several hotels."
Clare Coyle – Director of Revenue Management

Starwood Capital Group

Joe Pettigrew, Director of Revenue Maximisation of the group's Europe Hotels explains how OTA Insight is integrated into their revenue manager's daily workflow.
Sun Resorts-Video-Testimonial

Sun Resorts Mauritius

Régis Kahn, Group Director of Revenue Management, shares how OTA Insight's parity monitoring gives him a real-time advantage over his competitors.
Michelle Mu

Refinery Hotel

"Revenue Insight has helped to identify higher rated segmentation, and lift year-over-year ADR by $20."

Michelle Mu, Director of Revenue

Ovolo Hotels

"Rate Insight is my business intelligence tool of choice, it allows me to compare rates by room type, length of stay, single/double occupancy and meal inclusions."
Kanwarpreet Kanwar - Group Revenue & Distribution Director
Alexis Warburton


"Revenue Insight had an impact of about $400,000 and a 7.4% RGI increase in the last 6 months."

Alexis Warburton, Regional Director - Revenue Management and Distribution
Hotel Revenue-Video-Testimonial

Hotel Revenue Centre

Charles BeeBee, CCO of Hotel Revenue Centre explains how the OTA Insight platform tackles many of the hospitality industry's challenges.

Palladium Hotel Group

Diego Fernández Pérez De Ponga, Corporate Director of Revenue Management talks about OTA Insight saving Palladium Hotel Group time, and increases visibility of the market.

Travelodge Hotels

Carlos D. Núñez, Sales Manager Spain for Travelodge Hotels shares how OTA Insight is tracking market data, making real-time rates available at the click of a button, and saving time.

Marriott Peru

"Rate Insight by OTA Insight is a very good platform for my hotels, super user-friendly and easy-to-understand." Ivan Mejia, E-Commerce Manager
Accor Australia video testimonial

Accor Hotels

Matthieu Cavalie, Regional Revenue Manager NSW & ACT shares how Rate Insight and Revenue Insight are providing him with quick answers at the click of a button.
Fusion Hotels and Resorts

Fusion Hotels and Resorts

"Since using Rate Insight, our teams have improved their efficiency, completing tasks an estimated 60% faster." Aashish Trivedi, Group Director of Revenue.

Best Western Hotels & Resorts

"Using OTA Insight,
Best Western has seen a 75% reduction in the number of parity issues that arise."

Monte Gardiner, Managing Director Revenue Management
NH Hotel Video Testimonial

NH Hotel Group

José Ignacio Sánchez Butragueño, Vice President Revenue Management at NH Hotel Group shares the benefits of their partnership with OTA Insight.

Palladium Hotel Group

Bárbara Calzada González and Diego Fernández Pérez De Ponga share why OTA Insight's integrated dashboard by cluster, the ability to drill down to hotel level, and data accuracy is key for Palladium Hotel Group.

Benefits of OTA Insight

Find out directly from our customers what they fell are the key benefits of working with OTA Insight are with Expotel Hospitality, Kriya RevGEN McNeill Hotel Group and TCRM.

What makes us unique


Data Quality

Advanced anomaly detection and automated integrity control ensure the industry's most accurate, complete and reliable data.

Actionable Insights

Our easy-to-understand dashboard with real-time data and instant drill-down capabilities enables our customers to spot and leverage opportunities.

Unparalleled Customer Care

Our 24/7 support ensures peace of mind across all time zones.

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