Customer spotlight: Pacifica Hotels

“Rate Insight allows me to start the day knowing our hotels are positioned to steal market share.”

Brandon Burtis, Corporate Director of Revenue at Pacifica Hotels.


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Experience the Pacific Coast with Pacifica Hotels – a premier collection of California beach hotels from San Francisco to San Diego, with two additional locations in Hawaii and Florida. The Pacifica Hotels brand prides itself on a boutique hotel experience, which allows for highly personalised and friendly service, a quieter ambiance, and greater affordability.

Our Challenge

Prior to OTA Insight our biggest challenge was utilising timely, accurate data for our competitive pricing. We previously worked with a tool that did not give us the accuracy we were after. By the time a rateshop was run, delivered via email and then actioned by Revenue Management it was already outdated. We were looking for a business intelligence tool that was simple but powerful, with an easy UI that could be quickly learned across all disciplines in the hotels so it wasn't just Revenue Management holding all the data. We also wanted the ability to pull on-demand rates across all distribution channels at once.

The Solution

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Rate Insight by OTA Insight offers on-demand rate shops at our fingertips and can shop all of our distribution channels, multiple LOS and even throws in added perks like an events calendar, online review ranking and parity monitoring. Rate Insight has fast become my "go to" tool for investigating any pricing issues across our portfolio by offering on-demand services for competitive rate pricing and parity. My Rate Insight reports give me a quick look at all of our hotels' price positioning and parity first thing every morning so I can start the day knowing our hotels are positioned to steal market share.

Our Results

Using both the Rate Insight report subscriptions and parity dashboard, my day-to-day time-saving has been immediate. By shopping multiple rate types and channels at once, and the ability to monitor multiple LOS, we’ve been able to uncover opportunities with our own pricing strategy. As a result, we are in a better position to compete against some of our larger competitors and gain market share. In the past six months, we’ve managed to lower the frequency of undercutting by OTAs in our hotel portfolio down to only 3% of the time.


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