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Hard Rock Hotels International

“Ultimately, we have a better understanding of our business and have become more efficient, strategic and proactive.”

Alexis Remy | Vice President of Revenue Management & Distribution

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About Hard Rock Hotels International

HRH Logo-csWith venues in 75 countries spanning 259 locations that include owned/licensed or managed Hotels, Casinos, Rock Shops® and Cafes - Hard Rock International is one of the most globally recognised companies. Beginning with an Eric Clapton guitar, Hard Rock owns the world's most valuable collection of music memorabilia at more than 83,000 pieces, which are displayed at its locations around the globe.

Hard Rock destinations are located in the world’s greatest international gateway cities, including its two most successful flagship properties in Florida and home to the world’s first Guitar Hotel® in South Florida, where its headquarters are located.

A need for analysis

Effective revenue management for us starts with the ability to arm our hotels with easily accessible analytics in order to support strategic and tactical decisions. However, ease of access and data quality are crucial shortcomings that are still the norm in our field. Before using Revenue Insight, we did not have the ability to access meaningful and actionable data. We heavily relied on reports extracted from the PMS, CRS or RMS in order to analyse basic KPIs without ever having the ability to dig deeper and cross analyse different data points. 

Revenue Insight addresses this challenge by allowing us to access powerful analytics in a matter of seconds. The tool provides us with actionable data that supports our decision-making and gives scope for deeper analysis. Ultimately, we have a better understanding of our business and have become more efficient, strategic and credible towards non-RM stakeholders.


"Ultimately, we have a better understanding of our business and have become more efficient, strategic and credible towards non-RM stakeholders."


Making an impact

Using Revenue Insight allows to move away from home-grown reports that provide little insight. There is no longer the need for our revenue experts to spend hours preparing for meetings by running manual reports. With OTA Insight’s BI tool, data is instantly available and presented in a simple and visually appealing format. Revenue Insight provides us with all the information that is needed for us to assess past and future performance while guiding optimization and pricing decisions.

The benefits of using the Revenue Insight tool are increased knowledge, efficiency and a proactive approach. We are becoming smarter, gaining credibility and communicating better with a non-revenue management audience. The most impactful benefit is the ability to have thousands of data points on one screen and cross-analyze with a click. We’ve also gained a true competitive advantage as we are smarter and spend more time focusing on optimization and long-term strategy. Overall, Revenue Insight is adding value and enhancing the impact that our revenue experts have.

An enjoyable process

The products are extremely powerful and it is a true pleasure to use this tool on a daily basis. The solutions are attainable and intuitive, while the data is visually suited for any audience. The OTA Insight teams are always eager to develop their product and are wonderful to work with. Customer support is outstanding and our feedback for enhancement truly matters.

Their teams are always available, helpful and willing to collaborate and support our users. OTA Insight understands the needs of revenue experts and is constantly striving to expand and improve a solution that is becoming indispensable.

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