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Peachtree Hotel Group

“OTA Insight’s reliable business intelligence tools and their strong focus on dedicated, personalised customer service make them the perfect partner for hospitality businesses.”

Vickie Callahan | Senior Vice President Revenue Generation

Customer Spotlight:

Pandox RMC

“By providing us with top-quality, current data at the click of a button, Rate Insight has helped us save countless hours of manual rate shopping.”

Tobias Exner | Director of Revenue Management

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About Peachtree Hotel Group


Peachtree Hotel Group is a fully integrated investment management platform based in Atlanta, Georgia. Their areas of expertise encompass all core hospitality investment and operation services. The group finances, owns, operates, manages, and develops full-, select-, limited-service, and extended-stay hotel assets throughout the United States. Their portfolio currently includes over 320 properties. 

In a recent interview, we spoke with Vickie Callahan, Senior Vice President, Revenue Generation at the Peachtree Hotel Group. She shared how she and her team have benefitted from using the Rate Insight business intelligence (BI) tool throughout 2020 and the recovery phase to efficiently monitor and react to unpredictable market changes in a way that ensured their properties’ optimal positioning.



"Our team members can manage upwards of twelve properties because Rate Insight makes workflows so efficient and allows easy toggling between different properties."

Comprehensive, live market overview

Rate Insight is an extremely flexible BI tool that gives us a comprehensive live market overview. We can check our primary compset’s rates in real time, so we always know how our properties are positioned. It’s also possible to change our compset in a few clicks whenever we want. Then Rate Insight immediately shops rates for our new selection. 

This helps us better understand how our hotels are doing and what’s happening in the market as a whole. These insights are always valuable, but they’ve been especially important during the uncertain months of 2020 as well as the re-opening and recovery phase.

Real-time, data-driven pricing decisions

Before 2020, I’d never seen pricing change so quickly and unpredictably in our markets. Without Rate Insight, that would have been difficult to navigate. We would have had a harder time collecting the competitor data we needed to make our pricing decisions and position our properties in time. 

Rate Insight allows us to spot changes in our primary and secondary comp set’s rates in real time. It also shows which properties are full or have closed their sales channels. The best thing is that we can access this data in only a few clicks instead of having to do time-consuming manual shops. That saves us immense amounts of time and makes real-time rate updates possible even in the most volatile markets. Making fast, data-driven pricing decisions helped us get through tough low-demand times successfully and seize revenue opportunities during ramp-up.


"OTA Insight greatly values their client’s input and is always looking for new ways to improve their platform and better cater to our needs."


Efficient multi-property application

Today, I see many hotel chains and hospitality management groups moving from single-property to multi-property coverage in revenue management. Rate Insight is the ideal tool for this setup since it’s very easy to toggle between different properties in the platform. That, combined with the efficient, live data collection means that our team members were able to manage upwards of twelve hotels each. Previously that would have been impossible. 

Finally, Rate Insight even connects directly to many hotel brands’ proprietary systems. This makes it even more attractive for Peachtree Hotel Group since we work with hotels under different flags. Unsurprisingly, Rate Insight is one of the first new tools we introduce to properties joining our portfolio.

Refined rate strategy as the key ROI

For me, the main ROI from using Rate Insight is that it helps us refine and stick with our rate strategy. Doing so in today’s unpredictable, fast-paced markets would be impossible without a BI tool that supplies trustworthy, up-to-date market information. 

Rate Insight data is the key to us maintaining our positioning and boosting our ADR - it’s an essential tool I wouldn’t want to do business without because that would be like flying blind.



"I’ve never seen market managers offer as much support, check in as regularly and follow up as diligently, as I have working with OTA Insight."

Customer-focused innovation

OTA Insight greatly values its client’s input. They regularly ask for feedback and are always looking for new ways to improve their platform and better cater to our needs. The constant feature updates and additions in Rate Insight, as well as the launch of their most recent tool, Market Insight, proves this. We’re already using this new product in several of our hotels and are benefitting from its forward-looking demand insights. I’m excited to roll it out further because I’m positive it’ll give our team an even better understanding of our markets.

Deep customer relationship

Rate Insight is a fantastic tool. It offers reliable live pricing data and makes it much easier to maintain a hotel’s positioning even in challenging situations. But how much they invest in their customer relationships is what sets OTA Insight apart even more than their great products. I’ve never seen market managers offer as much support, check in as regularly and follow up as diligently, as I have working with OTA Insight. Especially during the rough time we all had in 2020, their entire team rose to the occasion, provided valuable reassurance and was phenomenal all around. In short, we have a much closer relationship with them than I ever thought possible with a tech provider.

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