How Springboard Hospitality saves time on reporting and fine-tunes revenue strategies with Spider

The long-standing hotel management company leverages the latest business intelligence technology to create efficient reporting processes and fine-tune revenue strategies
  • Consistent, streamlined pick-up reporting process across the entire portfolio
  • Refined pricing and distribution strategies uncover new revenue opportunities
  • More openness and trust in partnerships with outside owner groups

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About Springboard Hospitality

Springboard logoFrom its offices in Honolulu and Los Angeles, Springboard Hospitality currently manages 46 hotels across 13 states. For over 30 years they’ve been offering custom approaches and solutions that have helped clients realise their properties’ untapped potential. Recently, this led Springboard to be recognised as a Top 25 Hotel Management Company.

Given their steadily growing portfolio and today’s demanding market conditions, the team decided to optimise internal reporting and data analysis processes. The goal was not only to boost accuracy and efficiency, but also to further increase the value they offered their clients.

For this, Springboard needed a business intelligence and analytics platform that could pull data from the managed hotels’ various systems to unify and present it in an actionable, user-friendly format.

We heard from Scott Bogucki, Corporate Director of Revenue Management at Springboard Hospitality, why Spider is the ideal solution for them and which bonus it came with.

Spider lays the foundation for company-wide standardised reporting


The hotels Springboard manages choose their own PMS, RMS and CRS. That means data output looks different from property to property. In order to compare their performance, the team had to collect data from various systems and manually create uniform pick-up reports. Having to do this for all hotels every day put a lot of pressure on the staff and impacted the quality of work.


Spider connects with all hotels’ PMS, RMS and CRS, and automatically pulls the needed data into a single platform. From there, it creates a comprehensive pick-up report that goes out to all stakeholders first thing in the morning. This minimises manual effort and eliminates the risk of errors.


  • Easy-to-read, standardised pick-up report format
  • Fully automated pick-up reports sent on time every day
  • Reliable overview of OTB revenue compared to the forecast and the budget




"In the past, we had to painstakingly collect and sift through data from each hotel’s various systems to get an overview of our performance. Spider completely changed that and has become our single source of truth because it makes the information easily accessible."

Automated reporting increases efficiency


In the past, Springboard’s directors of revenue spent too much of their workday manually creating reports. This left them less time and energy for deep data analysis and developing new pricing and distribution strategies.


Fully automating the pick-up report with Spider frees up valuable time for more meaningful tasks. On top of that, the system makes it much easier for the team to access and analyse live performance and market data. Instead of spending hours combing through reports, they get a high-level overview or dive into a specific area in a few clicks.


  • Minimal time spent on report creation and meeting preparation
  • More time for detailed performance analysis and strategising


"Using Spider to unify and visualise our data is not just about becoming more efficient. It’s also about maximising our directors’ time and allowing them to focus on tasks that bring the biggest return."


Deeper data insights bring new revenue opportunities


While the hotels’ various systems contained all the necessary data, it was difficult to extract it in a usable format from the many different reports. That made it challenging to quickly identify and make the most of emerging trends.


Spider offers direct access to data in an actionable format. This makes it easier to explore evolving demand patterns, monitor source market behaviour and stay on top of market developments. For example, the team can now see precisely which days are picking up well in advance and make targeted adjustments to their pricing and distribution. The account analysis tool within Spider also helps the team react to and influence LOS trends for specific accounts over certain periods.


  • Deeper and more informed conversations during strategy calls
  • More data-driven pricing and distribution decisions
  • Previously unavailable performance and demand insights allow for intricate strategy updates


"As we began using Spider, we realised it could do much more than just standardise and streamline our pick-up reporting. There’s a lot more behind the numbers it provides and the powerful business intelligence it provides has helped us seize many new revenue opportunities."

Better communication and relationships with owners


Some of the old reporting formats were rather complex and made it difficult to recognise the message behind the data. Especially owners without a background in hospitality faced this issue. On top of that, feedback loops were long when partners asked questions that required supporting data and analysis


Spider sends a comprehensive yet easily digestible daily overview to owners and senior management every day. On top of that, the revenue directors share their thoughts on the current numbers and results. This ensures everyone is in the loop and all stakeholders have a good understanding of their hotel’s strategy and performance.

When an owner or partner does have further questions, Scott’s team can quickly source data within Spider to support their response and provide context. Since Spider can pull data in real time, the team can even use it in a live setting, such as an owner’s meeting or a budget presentation.


  • Shorter feedback loops and data-driven responses
  • Increased value for partners through clearer, more transparent communication
  • Improved collaboration and stronger relationships with outside owner groups

“Since we began using Spider, we’ve been able to communicate our strategies and results more effectively with our partners. This has been critical for earning and keeping their trust.”

An accessible yet powerful platform

For Scott, Spider has provided immense value in terms of increased efficiency and the ability to uncover new commercial opportunities:

“It’s hard to understand just how many benefits Spider offers until you see it in action. And it’s so approachable in terms of usability and price point which makes it the ideal solution for all types and sizes of properties. That’s why I think every revenue professional should try it.”

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