We get it. You can spend endless hours compiling data at your hotel.

What revenue management strategy could you create with hours back in your work week?

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By consolidating software and reports, your team is able to collaborate with all revenue generating teams to increase ROI at your hotel.


We know how tough budgeting can be at the moment, so we have come up with our ROI calculator to help.


Using the ROI calculator, we found that spending 33 minutes per day on a Business Intelligence tool (equating to 6 working days a year), you can save up to 81 working days a year through elimination of manual PMS reporting. So you can focus on what really matters.

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Rate Insight

Gain real-time business intelligence with the industry’s best hotel rate shopper so you can make smarter pricing decisions.

Prepare for the recovery and rebound with Revenue Insight:

  • Save time - demand has dramatically changed and short-term booking windows are the new reality.  Don't waste time exporting and compiling data - the platform is updated overnight
  • Get relevant performance and data - receive performance metrics of your hotel and/or portfolio with custom date ranges, all at your fingertips
  • Be covered as conditions change - monitor your entire portfolio remotely with the aggregated multi property view
  • Optimize your shifted business mix - with a visual and interactive dashboard, you'll be able to spot, analyze and maximize every opportunity
  • Do more with less - reporting is made simple and easy, so you can spread knowledge across the enterprise team, including: RM, E-Commerce, Distribution and Sales teams to holistically align strategies

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