Grasp market conditions with Aggregated View from Market Insight

Grasp market conditions with Aggregated View from Market Insight

It’s no secret that market conditions are constantly evolving. But the changes we’ve seen during the last seven months, with the shift from YoY trend forecasts to the rapid acceleration and adoption of strategies that rely on future/ forward looking data is unprecedented. And this trend is only going to continue, with the weekly team meetings that take place between commercial stakeholders increasingly relying on forward looking data to gauge market outlook.

To help you better understand these new overall market conditions, we’re thrilled to announce our latest Market Insight innovation, Aggregated View. Additionally, we are releasing two additional Market Insight updates: Flight search Domestic breakdown and Hotel Search Patterns.

What does the Aggregated View do?

Shifting market conditions means teams now need to work and collaborate closely together in order to strategise and fully align. With the Aggregated View, you and your team can quickly fill in market outlook gaps and make informed decisions

Here’s a quick rundown of the the key features:


  • Get an overview of demand level and price strategy - keep your strategies in line with market behavior and easily spot broader trends within your market
  • Compare OTB to market trends. Focus your resources on days when the market is showing higher demand versus where your OTB is lagging.
  • Target the right traveller with the right offer- identify traveller search patterns for an aggregated period in the future.
  • A hub for your team - the aggregated view serves as the key starting point for all stakeholders.

Introducing: Flight search domestic breakdown

Travel is again being impacted, as countries across the world are tightening entry restrictions due to a second wave of COVID-19. Travellers are currently opting for domestic flights, so it’s important that you’re able to understand exactly where your potential customers are searching from.

With the flight search domestic breakdown, you can understand which region is considering travel to your destination. With this information, your marketing team can make decisions with actionable data to specifically target these ‘lookers’ and turn them into ‘bookers’ with special offers and promotions.


Introducing: Hotel search patterns (beta)


The majority of markets are currently experiencing low demand and high levels of supply - you need to capture potential guests' attention early on in the decision making process if you want to secure your share. To help uncover traveller stay patterns, the Hotel Search Patterns feature (currently in beta) helps you identify demand peaks for hotel searches and spot significant shifts in lead time or LOS - metrics that impact your commercial campaigns and revenue strategies.

Things have changed. We’re here to help.

We realize that the day to day has drastically changed for you and your team. You’re doing more with less, and every single booking counts. With Market Insight and the new Aggregated View, you and your team can be first to seize opportunities and act on demand - creating a winning formula that drives revenue at your hotel.

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