LOS discounting in LATAM: latest in our series of regional reports

LOS discounting in LATAM: latest in our series of regional reports

The latest in our series of regional length-of-stay (LOS) strategy reports is published today.

latam-mapCovering the Latin American hotel landscape, the new regional report concerns nearly 1,600 global chain properties whose prices are tracked by Rate Insight. As part of a project that started with the release of our global LOS report, it digs deeper into the data to reveal regional:

  • Discounting frequency and size;
  • Discounting strategies distribution; and
  • Discounting strategies by categories and stars.

Competitors’ LOS discounting has always been tricky to weigh up but the strategy is sometimes used to help drive up occupancy during periods of low demand. So this ongoing research is helping to shed light on the practice for hoteliers keen to understand how their competitors are operating.

While LOS discounting isn’t rare in Latin America, the region does appear to offer LOS discounts with less frequency than any of the world regions we investigated.

Download the report for more insights.


Rate shoppers that allow such comparisons - and more...

As an academic exercise, this report will be interesting if you’ve ever tried to compare rates in this way. But you’ll also know how time-consuming it can be switching back and forth between:

  • Your rates without LOS discounts;
  • Your competitors’ rates without LOS discounts;
  • Your rates with LOS discounts; and
  • Your competitors’ rates with LOS discounts.

And this is before you look at all the many other variables, including different room types, that can affect your and your competitors’ prices.

We discuss this topic in more detail in a blog post from last month that coincided with the release of our regional LOS report for Australia and New Zealand.

What would the data in this report look like if everyone had access to our rate shopper? It’s a question we can’t yet answer but you can request a trial to start refining your own strategy. Don’t forget to download the report. And look out for our other regional reports over the coming weeks and months.

View analysis on chains' length-of-stay strategies in LATAM

Download the report so you can benchmark its data against your own and see how your hotel compares to the competition.


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