OTA Insight is a new breed of hotel tech company

OTA Insight is a new breed of hotel tech company

Sean 700x500In July, OTA Insight CEO Sean Fitzpatrick spoke to HotelTechReport about his career, the future of hotel tech and his vision for OTA Insight.

Fitzpatrick told the story of how he developed a passion for coding at the age of 9 or 10, before starting work at 16 and later becoming COO at restaurant tech firm HotSchedules before joining OTA Insight. 

He was struck by the passion of the team at OTA Insight and emphasises that the company’s data analytical tools are now available to independent hotels as well as larger operations. 

“Our mission statement is to empower the hotel industry to make better revenue and distribution decisions,” said Fitzpatrick, who added that the company provides “easy-to-understand dashboards with actionable insights, powered by the freshest and highest quality data in the industry.”

Read the full interview on HotelTechReport; here’s how it starts...

Last year OTA Insight passed the 40,000-property mark (we now sit at 50,000+) and, perhaps even more impressively, the firm grew to that base in less than seven years since its founding. The company has become so significant in the rate shopping and market intelligence space that major competitor RainMaker even recently put out a press release encouraging clients to shift from its RevCaster product and migrate on to the OTA Insight platform - not something you see every day.

Sean Fitzpatrick is a relatively recent addition to the OTA Insight team, having taken the CEO role in July of 2018; however, Fitzpatrick is certainly not new to hospitality technology. Prior to his current role leading OTA Insight, Fitzpatrick spent five years at restaurant software provider HotSchedules where he eventually rose to the COO position in 2016. While at HotSchedules, Fitzpatrick worked with hundreds of hotel F&B outlets and therefore had significant experience in the hotel software arena prior to taking the role at OTA Insight.

An examination of the HotSchedules story sheds light onto recent developments at OTA Insight. HotSchedules began as a niche product offering, scaled rapidly then added new product lines to meet the needs of its massive client base. HotSchedules began as a labor management system then added product lines in recruiting, inventory management, eLearning and task management software for restaurants.

OTA Insight has already grown beyond its original Rate Insight product having added new product lines with its Revenue Insight business intelligence solution and Parity Insight product line to help hotels better manage distribution costs and reduce reliance on OTAs.

Sean then talks about:

  • His path to success in the tech industry
  • What motivated him to join OTA Insight
  • How hotel tech fits in the wider tech industry
  • Opportunities and future developments in hotel tech

Read the full article on HotelTechReport.

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