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Hotel revenue management post-pandemic: A guide to market segmentation and pricing rooms correctly

You now need to combine both traditional and modern market segmentation, along with a deep understanding of post-pandemic trends to tailor your pricing and promotional strategy to win the revenue management game. 

Travel Demand Bulletin: Positive signs emerge for Europe’s hotel industry - Part 2

In the second part of this travel demand bulletin, we examine the flight and hotel search data for some of Europes popular cities to see what trends are beginning to emerge.

Travel Demand Bulletin: Positive signs emerge for Europe’s hotel industry

Across the globe, travel restrictions are falling away. Popular travel destinations that have had their travel restrictions removed are starting to see surges in interest as consumers try to compensate for two years of curtailed travel. 

The top 3 challenges facing independent hotel commercial teams in 2022

In 2022, the disruption for the hospitality industry is still evident. However, the resources to understand where the issues are coming from and how to guide your property through them are not always forthcoming. 

How has the field of hotel revenue management evolved following Covid-19?

As a result of the pandemic, the function of revenue management has taken on a whole new dynamic which comes with its own set of unique challenges and opportunities. 

Employee Spotlight - Lise Kerckhove, Team Lead Data Analytics

Lise Kerckhove is the Team Lead Data Analytics based in the Ghent office. We caught up with Lise to learn more about her role, and what makes her tick. 

Why do the lines between the hotel and short-term rental space continue to blur?

In an industry looking to rebound, the convergence of hotels and vacation rentals means that it is even more vital to understand the market and implement a comprehensive commercial strategy.

Capturing travel demand: Hotel pricing and promotional strategies in Greece

By looking at Market Insight data we can see that early pre-booking demand for Greece is rising. But what pricing strategies are hotels in these destinations using to capture demand? 

OTA Insight joins forces with Transparent

OTA Insight has acquired Transparent, and together, we're excited to equip our customers with real commercial advantage through high-quality data insights. 

The ultimate guide to on-the-books data for hoteliers in 2022

As markets open up again, there is an opportunity to leverage your own, as well as market OTB data to optimise your commercial strategy.

Travel Demand Bulletin: India’s travel sector looks toward recovery

With India's travel restrictions lifting, we examine flight and hotel search data to see if early signs of demand are sparking recovery in the travel and hospitality industry.

Employee Spotlight - Antoine Choain, Business Development Manager

Antoine Choain is a Business Development Executive in the EMEA region in the French market. We caught up with Antoine to find out a little bit more about him, and his time at OTA Insight.