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Hotel pricing and promotional strategies in Oceania from 2020 to present day

Australia and New Zealand followed a similar path in combating COVID-19, but do their hotel pricing and promotional trends align as well? And what's the current outlook now that travel is once again on the rise?

Chinese tourism’s shining star: A look into hotel pricing and promotional strategies in Sanya

Due to strict and recurrent COVID lockdowns, China's tourism industry has had a stop start 2022 but Sanya has well and truly bucked this trend.

Travel Demand Bulletin: Domestic travel driving South Africa’s rebound?

South Africa’s travel industry is looking to bounce back. But, with economic uncertainty looming in many of its traditional source markets, is this affecting the country's recovery?

Today is the new tomorrow: streamlining hotels’ commercial strategies

By adopting the right technology solutions that use real-time historical, current and future-looking data to deliver commercial insights, hoteliers and their commercial teams are visualising opportunities, despite the challenges.

How is inflation impacting travel demand and hotel rates across Europe?

Comparing average hotel prices from 2019 to 2022, and into 2023, we can see that room rates are far higher in Europe than previous years, but, are these price increases discouraging travel?

How Hawaii became one of 2022’s most in demand tourist destinations with hotel prices rising 120%

Hotel prices in some areas, like Maui, have risen nearly 120% 2022 compared to 2019, find out how it's happened with OTA Insight's data.

Capturing travel demand: Hotel pricing and promotional strategies in Europe

As popular travel destinations in Europe emerge from months of uncertainty and cancellations, we use OTA Insight’s tech stack to examine the evolution of the rate strategies of destinations across the continent, to see how hoteliers are capturing increasing demand in 2022.

Post-pandemic travel and overtourism: Are crowds back in Europe’s most visited cities?

For Europe’s most visited cities, overtourism once pushed them to breaking point. Following the pandemic, how are they faring now? And how can hoteliers anticipate this demand and adjust pricing for success?

Hotel revenue management post-pandemic: A guide to market segmentation and pricing rooms correctly

You now need to combine both traditional and modern market segmentation, along with a deep understanding of post-pandemic trends to tailor your pricing and promotional strategy to win the revenue management game. 

Travel Demand Bulletin: Positive signs emerge for Europe’s hotel industry - Part 2

In the second part of this travel demand bulletin, we examine the flight and hotel search data for some of Europes popular cities to see what trends are beginning to emerge.

Travel Demand Bulletin: Positive signs emerge for Europe’s hotel industry

Across the globe, travel restrictions are falling away. Popular travel destinations that have had their travel restrictions removed are starting to see surges in interest as consumers try to compensate for two years of curtailed travel. 

The top 3 challenges facing independent hotel commercial teams in 2022

In 2022, the disruption for the hospitality industry is still evident. However, the resources to understand where the issues are coming from and how to guide your property through them are not always forthcoming.