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Reshape your revenue management with a long-term, dynamic pricing strategy

As we emerge from the pandemic, revenue managers need to be more data-centric and develop a pricing strategy that can compress analysis, decision-making and implementation down into a much shorter timeframe. It’s time to re-evaluate, reset, and be resurgent in a fiercely competitive landscape.

Travel takes flight in Europe: a spotlight on 3 key destination markets

Vaccination programmes are accelerating significantly around Europe and international travel is beginning to return. Here, we take a look at data for three key destination markets on the continent.

Employee Spotlight - Karen Chin, Senior Customer Success & Operations Executive

Karen Chin works at OTA Insight as a Senior Customer Success & Operations Executive for APAC region. Karen has been with OTA Insight for two years and is based in Singapore. We spoke with Karen to find out about her experience and career working at OTA Insight.

Why hoteliers should use forward looking data to make smarter revenue decisions this budget season

In recovery there is a need to disregard past forecasting approaches and make use of new, forward-looking data points to inform decision making.

Preparing for recovery: 7 considerations when reopening your hotel and budgeting for 2022

Hoteliers who make confident, proactive decisions, grounded in data, will emerge from this reopening and budgeting period with the foundations for success.

Hotel budgeting and forecasting: 4 reasons why data quality is essential for business growth

This budget season, high-quality data will be key to navigating the increasingly complex business environment post-Covid.

Employee Spotlight - Jory Garcia, Business Development Manager

Jory Garcia joined OTA Insight in November 2018  and currently works out of Chicago, Illinois in the USA as a Business Development Manager for the AMER region. We had a chat with Jory to find out about his experience and journey working at OTA Insight.

The start of a travel comeback in the United States: a spotlight on 4 key destination markets

As the vaccine rollout has accelerated across the United States and restrictions have eased, travel has started to return. Here, we take a look at data on four key destination markets in the country. 

Employee Spotlight - Oskar Will, Business Development Manager

Oskar Will joined OTA Insight in November 2018 straight from university and currently works out of Sydney, Australia as a Business Development Manager for the APAC region.We recently spoke to Oskar to hear more about his experience and progression working at OTA Insight.

5 things to look forward to at ITB Berlin 2021

On the 9 – 12 March 2021, the travel and hospitality industry will gather digitally at ITB Berlin, one of the world’s leading travel trade shows. Here is a snapshot of some key things to look forward to during the week.

Employee Spotlight - Tijl Speetjens, Senior Business Development Manager

Tijl Speetjens works at OTA Insight from Leuven in Belgium, as Senior Business Development Manager for the EMEA region. We recently spoke to Tijl to learn more about his journey and career at OTA Insight.

A look at your new revenue strategy in 2021

What are the most important post-pandemic changes that have forced hoteliers to adapt?