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The importance of pickup and pace in hotel revenue management

Discover the significance of pickup and pace in hotel revenue management. Learn how optimizing these factors can boost your hotel's revenue. 

The Taylor Swift Economy: The largest music tour in history is a hospitality phenomenon

Explore the impact of Taylor Swift's record-breaking music tour on the hospitality industry. Discover how 'The Taylor Swift Economy' is reshaping the landscape of tourism and entertainment

5 features to look for in a benchmark tool for the hotel industry

These are the essential features to consider when choosing a benchmarking tool to enhance your hotel management and improve performance.

Global hotel room rate trends: A spotlight on Europe and Asia

Explore the latest hotel room rate trends in Europe and Asia, so you can benchmark your property and grow your revenue with the right pricing strategy.

The ultimate guide to on-the-books data for hoteliers

As markets open up again, there is an opportunity to leverage your own, as well as market OTB data to optimise your commercial strategy.

Unlocking hotel growth: Harnessing data driven benchmarking to outperform competitors

Discover what it takes to implement effective benchmarking in the current hospitality market, and how can you use benchmarking effectively to unlock hotel growth using data-driven strategies and benchmarking insights to outperform competitors and maximise revenue.

Top 15 features to look for in a rate shopper

Rate shoppers have become an essential tool for hoteliers. But what should you look for when choosing one for your property? We select the top 15 features to consider.

Forecasting hotel demand: Is flight and hotel search data a reliable indicator of market demand?

Is forward-looking flight and hotel search data a capable signifier of market demand? We investigate and show how predictive market intelligence holds the key. 

Hotel revenue management post-pandemic: A guide to market segmentation and pricing rooms correctly

You now need to combine both traditional and modern market segmentation, along with a deep understanding of post-pandemic trends to tailor your pricing and promotional strategy to win the revenue management game. 

How has the field of hotel revenue management evolved following Covid-19?

As a result of the pandemic, the function of revenue management has taken on a whole new dynamic which comes with its own set of unique challenges and opportunities. 

OTA Insight joins forces with Transparent

OTA Insight has acquired Transparent, and together, we're excited to equip our customers with real commercial advantage through high-quality data insights. 

Master your hotel commercial strategy - Predicting demand & pricing correctly

To knit commercial teams together for optimal efficiency you need a holistic commercial strategy that is supported by the four pillars of: predict, price, distribute and analyse.

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