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Events and holidays, a key part of defining rate strategy

Revenue Managers are facing the ongoing task of keeping up with a dynamic pricing model, which sees..

OTA Insight reveals new image & product update

Since we launched in 2012, OTA Insight has proven many times over to be the leading platform for..

Hotel technology outtakes from 2017 heading into 2018

OTA Insight was a panelist in a recent HSMAI roundtable on the state of the hospitality industry...

Gaining a competitive edge with third party revenue management tools

Hospitality Technology published an article on great business stories where it paid off to..

"How Brexit will reshape the hotel sector" by Gino Engels

Triggering the formal Brexit process is a major political milestone, not to mention headache...

Revolutionising the traditional competitor rate shopping process

In a time when the online market is changing the face of hospitality- from evolving complex..