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How to transform hotel performance with Business Intelligence

See how you can transform your hotel's performance with OTA Insight's Business Intelligence software in this infographic. Unlock the power of your data and switch from
spreadsheets to simplicity. Time back in your day is just a click away.

How can predictive demand intelligence drive improved occupancy and RevPAR at your hotel?

Market Insight leverages forward-looking search data, so you can more effectively predict demand at your hotel. But, what ROI does it deliver? Find out the answer in this blog post.

The ultimate guide to on-the-books data for hoteliers

As markets open up again, there is an opportunity to leverage your own, as well as market OTB data to optimise your commercial strategy.

What is RevPAR? How to calculate it and how to optimise it at your hotel

Read our expert guide on RevPAR: Find out what it is, and learn how to calculate and optimise it at your hotel. 

Maximising hotel revenue in high season: Hotel room pricing for 8 summer festivals

Take a deep dive into the data from some of the world's biggest and best music festivals to learn how hotel revenue can be optimised during these periods of exceptionally high demand.

Airbnb rental data: A new method to forecast demand at your hotel?

Could short-term rental data play a vital role in being able to predict market demand before your competition? Find out in our latest blog post.

Chinese tourists are back travelling, but what can we expect from the rebound?

Take a look at how Chinese outbound tourism is performing since borders have reopened. How has the sector recovered, and what does the future hold for the recipients of outbound Chinese tourism?

Artificial intelligence for the hotel industry and other key trends for 2023

Artificial intelligence for the hotel industry can help you more effectively predict demand and optimise revenue at your property. Want to know more more?

United States hotel pricing trends part 2: Mixed fortunes for America's tourist destinations

Take a look at the 10 highest and 10 lowest performing US tourist destinations for hotel room pricing. Understand your competitive pricing landscape and make more informed pricing decisions today.

8 steps to help make your hotel recession-proof in 2023

As the world braces for a possible economic downturn, hoteliers must be proactive in their preparations. This comprehensive guide provides 8 expert-recommended steps for making your hotel resilient, so you can weather the storm and be ready for a brighter future.

United States hotel pricing trends part 1: Events, festivals, and Super Bowl LVII

From the Superbowl to supersized festivals, the United States has plenty events to choose from and with average price per room night increasing by up to 174% for these major events how can you optimise revenue when event visitors are looking at your market?

The 7 top travel and hospitality trends to look out for in 2023: Part 2

Following on from our first post on the 7 top hospitality and travel trends that are to shape 2023, we provide the final 4 trends in the series, all backed by the industry's most comprehensive hotel and alternative lodging data sets.

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