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The 7 top travel and hospitality trends to look out for in 2023: Part 1

Now that we have summed up our takeaways from 2022, we reveal the top hospitality and travel trends that will shape 2023, all backed by the industry's most comprehensive hotel and alternative lodging data sets.

8 key takeaways from 2022 for hotel revenue managers

2022 has been a year of mixed fortune for the hospitality industry. As we kickstart the new year, it’s the perfect opportunity to look back on the last twelve months and reflect on some of the trends and developments that have shaped the hotel industry, and hotel revenue management in particular.

Hotel demand forecasting: how you can optimise revenue with predictive market intelligence

Following consecutive festive seasons affected by lockdowns and travel restrictions could this be the year that breaks the cycle and returns to normality? Optimising revenue starts with effective forecasting and using forward-looking data to ensure you can implement the right revenue tactics at the right time. Here's how.

FIFA World Cup 2022: Exploring Qatar's volatile hotel prices

Over the FIFA World Cup period Qatar's hotel market is proving to be quite dynamic. As the tournament drew closer unexpected hotel pricing trends started to develop, which we investigate further here.

Forecasting hotel demand: Is flight and hotel search data a reliable indicator of market demand?

Is forward-looking flight and hotel search data a capable signifier of market demand? We investigate and show how predictive market intelligence holds the key. 

Examining demand and hotel pricing in Japan as it fully reopens to mass tourism

On October 11th, Japan will grant visa-free entry and independent travel after over two years of border restrictions. Here's how the Japanese hotel market has reacted.

Country in focus: Spotlight on travel demand and hotel pricing trends in Belgium

OTA Insight data shows that hotels in Belgium’s cities are making up lost ground as prices have exceeded their 2019 levels across the 2022 summer period. 

Hotel pricing and promotional strategies in Oceania from 2020 to present day

Australia and New Zealand followed a similar path in combating COVID-19, but do their hotel pricing and promotional trends align as well? And what's the current outlook now that travel is once again on the rise?

Chinese tourism’s shining star: A look into hotel pricing and promotional strategies in Sanya

Due to strict and recurrent COVID lockdowns, China's tourism industry has had a stop start 2022 but Sanya has well and truly bucked this trend.

Travel Demand Bulletin: Domestic travel driving South Africa’s rebound?

South Africa’s travel industry is looking to bounce back. But, with economic uncertainty looming in many of its traditional source markets, is this affecting the country's recovery?

How is inflation impacting travel demand and hotel rates across Europe?

Comparing average hotel prices from 2019 to 2022, and into 2023, we can see that room rates are far higher in Europe than previous years, but, are these price increases discouraging travel?

How Hawaii became one of 2022’s most in demand tourist destinations with hotel prices rising 120%

Hotel prices in some areas, like Maui, have risen nearly 120% 2022 compared to 2019, find out how it's happened with OTA Insight's data.

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