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LOS discounting in LATAM: latest in our series of regional reports

The latest in our series of regional length-of-stay (LOS) strategy reports is published today.

8 August, 2019

What revenue managers need to do to successfully align with marketing: 3 of 3

As a hotel revenue manager, you’re likely to be a data-driven pricing optimiser, focused on..

1 August, 2019

LOS discounting in ANZ and the importance of meaningful room comparisons

What determines how revenue managers set and adjust their prices?

24 July, 2019

How to align marketing with revenue management at your hotel: 1 of 3

Aligning revenue and marketing can deliver greater revenue results for hotels. But this is..

11 July, 2019

PhocusWire: What happens to rate parity when Airbnb is an OTA?

Last week, industry-leading news outlet PhocusWire examined how Airbnb threatens to disrupt..

12 June, 2019

Hotelchamp webinar: your questions answered

Geo-targeted offers and rate disparity, and who makes the final decision when revenue management..

11 June, 2019

Quick tips for revenue management: How to use data to impact your bottom line

Revenue management is a constant challenge to find the ideal price point that attracts guests..

4 June, 2019

Background to our new report into hotels’ LOS discount strategies

Price adjustment is the bread and butter of day-to-day revenue management. Fluctuations in..

30 May, 2019

How to get a fuller picture of your competitors' room rates

Not all room rates are created equal. As travellers, we understand this. Yet, when rate shopping..

16 May, 2019

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