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New hotel rate parity and distribution issues for 2023 and how to fix them

In this blog, we explore the complexities of rate parity in today's distribution landscape and uncover the trends making parity tracking even more challenging than ever.

Top 15 features to look for in a rate shopper

Rate shoppers have become an essential tool for hoteliers. But what should you look for when choosing one for your property? We select the top 15 features to consider.

Employee Spotlight - Antoine Choain, Business Development Manager

Antoine Choain is a Business Development Executive in the EMEA region in the French market. We caught up with Antoine to find out a little bit more about him, and his time at OTA Insight.

Employee Spotlight - Patricia Verdonck, Test Booking Expert

Patricia Verdonck has been with OTA Insight for over 3 years, and works out of the Ghent office in Belgium as a Test Booking Expert. We had a chat with Patricia to find out about her experience and journey working at OTA Insight.

The industry keeps changing, so we keep innovating to meet demand

In a world where companies need to constantly innovate to stay ahead of the competition, listening to customer feedback and then acting on it is mission critical. That sentiment has never held truer than it does today.

China market survey: how hoteliers are preparing for recovery

Click through to understand how Chinese hoteliers perceive in the current market changes, how they are strategising, and learn more about their pricing and distribution strategy.

Global survey: how hotel revenue managers are preparing for recovery

With the road to recovery taking various approaches and forms in different countries, regions and cities, we wanted to understand how revenue managers believe their markets will develop, how they see their business mix change as well as which pricing and distribution decisions they will be making.

5 Ways to make the most of competitor data when demand returns

Knowing what your competition is up to has become a key part of revenue management and is more important now than ever before. Find out how you can make the most of competitor data during market recovery and get out ahead when markets recover.

[Interview] The Future of Revenue Management in a Post-COVID-19 World

Together with some seasoned revenue management experts, we explore how recovery could look and what to keep in mind during these times.

5 Ways to leverage your hotel PMS data when demand returns

Data interpretation is key to success. Hoteliers, now more than ever, are in need for advanced technology to assess how and when markets will recover.

Free vs Paid Hotel Rate Shoppers: What does my hotel need?

Find out the differences between free and paid rate shoppers to determine what your hotel needs and how to choose the best rate shopper for your property.

How to capture business during off-peak times

OTA Insight co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Gino Engels, discusses the right strategy for maximising the money coming in during off-peak times.

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