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Travel Tripper, IDeaS and OTA Insight hotel leaders roundtable notes

In June Travel Tripper, IDeaS and OTA Insight joined forces to host lunchtime roundtable..

Trends, friends and analytical godsends: Gino Engels’ tnooz interview

Conference season is a frenetic time for Gino Engels - and it’s never really over. Spreading the..

Shifting your budget to direct – not a fad: part 3

In the third and final instalment of a short series, we ask whether every hotel should invest in..

Notes from Ghent: biannual gathering of the #BestTeamEver

OTA Insight recently passed two significant milestones. The first was in April when we hit the..

Shifting your budget to direct – not a fad: part 2

Last week we discussed how hotels adjusted to the new reality of OTA growth. In the second..

Shifting your budget to direct – not a fad: part 1

With the explosive growth of the Internet in the late 1990s and 2000s, it is not surprising that..

How to optimise your distribution channel mix

Every hotel has an optimal distribution channel mix - meaning that channels are selected and..

7 must-have tools in today’s revenue manager’s tech stack

Like any vocation, revenue managers have a technology toolbox at hand to help them do their jobs..

OTA Insight reveals new image & product update

Since we launched in 2012, OTA Insight has proven many times over to be the leading platform for..

3 online distribution challenges for independent hoteliers

The online distribution landscape is changing, fast - and it’s so cluttered that it’s hard to keep..

Revolutionising the traditional competitor rate shopping process

In a time when the online market is changing the face of hospitality- from evolving complex..