Historic, current and future demand and pricing trends

Discover how select markets are reacting to changing flight and hotel demand, and how current and predicted pricing patterns correlate with historic trends.

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Market trends and insights

Flight search evolution index



OTA/Meta hotel search evolution index



Hotel pricing destination recovery comparison (2019 vs 2022)



Actualised and advertised hotel prices for London up to 365 days in advance 




Global flight, hotel and pricing evolution insights

View the following sample data sets below:

  • Flight search evolution index

  • OTA/Meta hotel search evolution index

  • Pricing recovery (historical analysis)

  • Future pricing outlook 

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Flight and OTA/Meta hotel search evolution indexes are generated by Market Insight, a real-time predictive market intelligence solution.

It uses AI-powered technology to tap into millions of top-of-funnel search and pricing data sources including: OTAs, meta review sites and flight search data to deliver location-specific, segmented demand insights, like those seen above.

The search index compares the weeks' search volumes to the first week of the time frame. For example, a reading of 4.0 indicates a 4 fold or 400% increase in search volume compared to the starting point.

Hotel pricing recovery, and actualised and advertised pricing charts are generated by Rate Insight, a real-time rate intelligence solution.

By aggregating the wealth of historical, current and future hotel rate data available in the tool we can establish pricing patterns for destinations, going back to 2019 and looking forward 365 days into the future.

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