Global hotel pricing and promo trends

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Global hotel pricing and promo trends

Global hotel pricing and promo trends displays city-level data for six data sets, across an additional 274 cities to those shown here, enabling you to benchmark pricing and promotional strategies against your city-level data.

Additional data-sets available in Global hotel pricing and discounting trends, include:

  • LOS 2 discount
  • Median breakfast cost
  • Cancellation days before arrival

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Using Rate Strategy*, we present three-night length-of-stay discounting, the percentage of hotels with mobile discounts and the percentage of hotels offering non-refundable and semi-flex rates. These destinations are key markets in: APAC, EMEA and AMER.

We examine all of the rates offered by hotels in these cities for the data points mentioned above, generating a city-level overview of pricing and promotional strategies. 

The charts summarizes the rate strategies of destinations over certain time frames. They are measured against other relevant destinations to  provide a more complete understanding of rate strategies, on a global scale.

*Global hotel pricing and promo trends is a data project of Rate Strategy, a feature within Rate Insight, that provides a high-level overview of  competitors' long-term pricing and promotional strategies in your market.