[WEBINAR] Optimising distribution channels for independent hotels

Deep dive into optimising the independent hotel’s distribution mix, including important strategies for managing OTAs, metasearch, and direct booking channels.

[REPORT] Hotel Parity Report - North America

The report provides a deep-dive into key market trends affecting rate parity for hotels in North America.

[WHITE PAPER] Shifting your budget to direct - not a fad

Access an overview of hoteliers' increasing efforts in direct booking campaigns with concrete examples, and a list of tips on the tools you can use to gain actionable insight in this area.

[WEBINAR] Optimise the distribution channels of your hotel

Have a better understanding on the Spanish and LATAM markets, and how to use data to optimise your online channels and maximise the revenue of your hotel.

[EBOOK] The ultimate guide to revenue management

Effective Revenue or Yield Management is the foundation to running a profitable hotel. But with so many factors impacting Revenue Management, the key is understanding how you can optimise and...