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Gain real-time business intelligence with the industry’s best hotel rate shopper so you can make smarter pricing decisions.

What is in the free eBook?

  • An overview of commercial strategy and why there is the need to build a holistic commercial strategy at your hotel
  • Predict: how you can spot demand with forward looking data, uncover new revenue opportunities, and create more targeted marketing campaigns
  • Price: how to set the right rates and build a successful discounting and promotional strategy with advanced rate intelligence data
  • Distribute: how to monitor disparity and optimise your channel mix
  • Analyse: how you can monitor, analyse and refine the strategies of all commercial teams with a business intelligence solution

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Master Your Commercial Strategy in 2022

Master Your Commercial Strategy in 2022

Unlock your revenue potential with a commercial strategy from OTA Insight

We look forward to providing more insights about how our products can help you build a full-circle commercial strategy in this new business world. Request a FREE demo today.

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Why should I read this eBook?

Why should I read the eBook?


Now in 2022, with nearly two years of COVID-19 behind us, it has become clear that revenue management, marketing, sales and distribution teams can no longer work independently of one another.

Now is the time to develop a successful commercial strategy and bridge the gaps between departmental silos.

But how do you make this a reality? The answer - the four guiding pillars of: predict, price, distribute and analyse.

This eBook will provide with the basis to develop a holistic commercial mindset and a commercial strategy by utilising real-time historical, current and future-looking data to get the best out of your commercial teams and improve business performance.