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What is in the report?

  • Examination of the hotel and alternative lodging pricing in Qatar, in the buildup to, and during the 2022 FIFA World Cup
  • Analysis of flight and OTA and meta hotel search volumes to Qatar and surrounding markets
  • Examination into the use of promotional, discounting, and other rate strategies by hotels in Qatar during the 2022 FIFA World Cup
  • Key insights for hoteliers into how they can implement revenue strategies around events in their market for commercial success

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Why should I read this report?


During major events like the World Cup, demand is at its highest - there is a unique opportunity to seize bookings and maximise profitability.

In order to do this, hoteliers need to be able to sell their rooms at the optimal price. Selling out early, and at a lower than market rate could mean leaving money on the table. On the other hand, pricing too much above the market could mean losing out on bookings. Both scenarios spell missed opportunity.

By examining the case study of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, this report develops a universal blueprint for hoteliers to drive business growth around events. This is achieved by leveraging advanced market, rate, and business intelligence to forecast true demand ahead of an event, effectively adjust pricing and marketing strategies, and finally, analyse business performance to refine strategies for commercial success.