Hotel parity report

North America
Q2 2018

Deep dive into North American parity performance.

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Find out about:

  • Parity performance overview
  • Rate disparity range between OTAs and
  • Distribution flow
  • Contracted and non-contracted channel performance
  • Where contracted and non-contracted issues are coming from
  • Key findings

Why should I read it?

Surveys indicate disparity is a headache for most revenue managers, so the chances are it's a concern for you and your colleagues.


At OTA insight, we have been conducting an ongoing survey on the current state of parity where key early findings have already shown that more than half of the hotel professionals still don’t feel in control of their parity, even though they are satisfied with the technology they are using. This raises some questions on how parity is perceived amongst hoteliers and where they feel they should be versus where they currently stand.


Read this report to understand the North American market's parity performance and understand where disparity issues are originating from.

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