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What is in the report?

  • Examination into the use of semi-flex rates across North America
  • Examination into the use of non-refundable rates across North America
  • Comparison of rate strategies between chain and independent hotels in North America
  • Comparison of rate strategies between major city destinations in North America

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Why should I read it?


The extreme situation of 2020 and 2021 is reflected in the data for hotel rate strategies in North America. As the pandemic broke on the continent and rose to become a crisis that created economic and social consequences, there was a huge reaction when it came to rate strategy.

Core to the emerging dynamics in the hospitality sector in North America is how the pandemic has shifted the priority placed on flexibility - by both consumers and the overall industry. Hoteliers need to be aware of these trends and align for a new future.

In this report we explore the key rate trends across North America and make clear what approach needs to be taken to drive revenue.