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What is in the report?

  • Examination into the use of semi-flex rates across Southeast Asia
  • Examination into the use of non-refundable rates across Southeast Asia
  • Comparison of rate strategies between major city destinations in Southeast Asia
  • Future outlook on hotel rate strategies in the region

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Why should I read it?


Southeast Asia is a perennial tourism hotspot, from the beaches of Thailand and Bali, to the corporate centres of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore -  the region is complex and multi-faceted, and we should expect the same from its hospitality markets.

In this report we explore the key rate trends across Southeast Asia and make clear what approach needs to be taken to drive business growth.

Some areas of the globe are declaring the fight against Covid-19 a victory and attempting to put the pandemic squarely behind them. The countries of Southeast Asia and their hospitality markets cannot say the same just yet but as each market is re-opening, demand is surging.

Market behaviours diverge in Southeast Asia, and flexible policies are being offered at different rates but there is a clear and discernible trend towards more flexibility for the entire region, which might be here to stay.