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What you will learn in this webinar

How is the hotel parity landscape in North America and Europe affecting your pricing and distribution strategy? To help you find effective ways to monitor and work with OTAs for maximum revenue, we cover:

  • Causes of rate disparity
  • Rate parity data (North America/ Europe)
  • Industry experts' views on rate parity - why is this a hotel topic?
  • Strategies to prevent rate disparity

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Why should I watch the webinar?


Parity has become one of the biggest issues for anyone involved in hotel revenue and reputation protection. This webinar sheds light on the often complex issues affecting parity, and provides insight into the data and tools that can help you tackle it.

Concise and accessible, the 30 minutes webinar is ideal for revenue managers, distribution managers, directors and anyone interested in having a better understanding of online distribution, and its challenges and opportunities.

Our speakers:

Clive Wood
Enterprise Account Director and parity specialist at OTA Insight

Inderpreet Banga
Senior Director, eDistribution Strategy at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Jennifer Kim
Director of Revenue Management at Cycas Hospitality

Gino Engels
Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at OTA Insight

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