[REPORT] Length-of-Stay Strategy Report, LATAM

A research study on hotel LOS discounting strategies in LATAM. Download the report to discover how your hotel's data compares to the competition.

[REPORT] Length-of-Stay Strategy Report, ANZ

A research study on hotel LOS discounting strategies in ANZ. Download the report to discover how your hotel's data compares to the competition.

[WEBINAR] Leaps in Tech: a new age in the hospitality industry In APAC

Join us in this exclusive webinar as we hear from industry experts uncover the key trends and hot topics affecting revenue managers across the APAC region.

[EBOOK] How to align revenue management and marketing to deliver revenue results

Aligning revenue and marketing can deliver greater revenue results for hotels but is easier said than done. This guide will set you off on the right track.

[WEBINAR] Creating the ultimate power couple

An exclusive webinar where we discuss how to create a perfect synergy between marketers and revenue managers to revitalize their strategy for better results.

[REPORT] Length-of-Stay Strategy Report

A research study on hotel LOS discounting strategies. Download the report to discover how your hotel's data compares to the competition.

[WEBINAR] The real rate parity problem no one is talking about

Join us in this webinar, we’ll uncover the real wholesale-to-channel pathway and pinpoint the biggest undercutting offenders disrupting both your parity and revenue.

[WEBINAR] From Booking to Staying: How to Increase Revenue Throughout the Customer Journey

Join us as we share opportunities you can adopt to help you achieve record direct revenue and transform the journey from search to stay, delighting your guests along the way.

[REPORT] Forecasts from the field

Read this report to understand more about how key areas like rate parity, loyalty programs, and the future of distribution are affecting revenue managers in the next 1-3 years.

[EBOOK] Conversations on rate parity: an exclusive eBook from OTA Insight

In this exclusive eBook, we explore the challenges - and opportunities - of parity in conversation with hospitality professionals operating at different scales.

[WEBINAR] Haz que tus datos sean tu Revenue Manager

En este webinar nuestros expertos nos explican el panorama actual de la distribución online, y las distintas causas de la disparidad tarifaria hotelera.

[REVIEW] Annual Hotel Parity Review

This yearly roundup of exclusive parity analysis highlights hoteliers' daily distribution challenges and parity trends across Europe and North America.

[REPORT] Hotel Parity Report - Europe

Read this report to understand the European market's parity performance and understand where the disparity issues are originating from.

[REPORT] Hotel Parity Report - North America

In our second North American parity report, we deep dive into the parity performance of major chains, independents and local chains, and highlight key trends in contracted and non-contracted channels.

[REPORT] Hotel Party Report - United Kingdom

This report deep-dives into parity performances, highlights key trends and findings for the United Kingdom.

[WEBINAR] The current state of parity

Drawing on data from North America and Europe, this webinar sheds light on the complex factors affecting parity, and provides insight into tackling the issue to improve your distribution strategy.

[WEBINAR] Navigating the changing distribution landscape

This webinar will improve your understanding of the ever-changing global online distribution market, and how to use data to optimise your online channels and maximise the revenue of your hotel. 

[EBOOK] Hotel rate parity: understanding and meeting the challenges

A must-read for distribution and revenue managers, this detailed but digestible eBook provides the context and pointers that will help you better monitor and work with OTAs to maximise revenue.

[INDUSTRY REVIEW] Navigating the changing distribution landscape

We review online distribution trends, what drives the booking process, how new players are changing stay behaviour, and how to optimise your online distribution strategy.

[EBOOK] How to price right: a guide to setting profitable B2C hotel rates

The key to profitable pricing is not flying blind. This requires actionable data, from which you can't make confident decisions. This book explores B2C pricing, often your first task.

[WEBINAR] Optimising distribution channels for independent hotels

Deep dive into optimising the independent hotel’s distribution mix, including important strategies for managing OTAs, metasearch, and direct booking channels.

[REPORT] Hotel Parity Report - North America

The report provides a deep-dive into key market trends affecting rate parity for hotels in North America.

[WHITE PAPER] Shifting your budget to direct - not a fad

Access an overview of hoteliers' increasing efforts in direct booking campaigns with concrete examples, and a list of tips on the tools you can use to gain actionable insight in this area.

[WEBINAR] Optimise the distribution channels of your hotel

Have a better understanding on the Spanish and LATAM markets, and how to use data to optimise your online channels and maximise the revenue of your hotel.

[EBOOK] The ultimate guide to revenue management

Effective revenue management is the foundation to running a profitable hotel. But with so many factors impacting the job, the key is understanding how you can optimise and leverage them.