Each CONNECT roadshow will be a forum of hospitality equals.

Tailored to the local audience, our representatives will deliver short, interactive sessions on a range of topics relating to the latest developments, trends and challenges in hospitality data, tech, distribution and revenue management.

As an attendee, you’ll have a chance to participate, collaborate and share your insights with other hoteliers and industry experts, and get a deep dive into the latest innovations and developments shaping our industry and altering hospitality and revenue management, and of course have a chance to connect with the OTA Insight team, our industry partners and your peers.

Attend CONNECT roadshows to:

MEET and connect with like-minded peers to grow industry relationships
DISCUSS industry challenges and future-cast which tech evolutions will help hotels of the future
EXPLORE the next big shifts that will affect the world of revenue management
ENGAGE with industry experts from OTA Insight and our technology partners




Come join us in the following cities

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - Saopaulo.png
This event has ended
This event has ended
connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - buenos aires

5th March - 15h00 to 18h00

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - dallas

Date tbc

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - dublin

Date tbc

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - New York

Date tbc

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - San Francisco

Date tbc

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - Manila

Date tbc

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - Rio de janeiro

Date tbc

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - lima

4th June, Lima

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - Istanbul

11th June, Istanbul

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - Rome

18th June, Rome

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - Singapore

25th June - 18h00 - 21h00

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - Bogota

16th July

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - Denver

23rd July, Denver

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - Mexico City

27th August, Mexico City

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - Moscow

24th September,  Moscow

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - Stockholm

8th October, Stockholm

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - Chicago

22nd October, Chicago 

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - Miami

12th November, Miami

connect-roadshow-website-image-2020 - Munich

19th November, Munich











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