Join the first OTA Insight Customer Forum

Connecting customers and partners

We are very excited to catch up with you at our first Customer Forum, CONNECT, where we’ll have an agenda packed with fantastic, thought-provoking content and discussions. 


Date: September 12, 2019

Time: 10:00 - 16:00 

City: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Venue: Level Eleven - Stationsplein 51 - 53, 1012 AB

Reasons to attend


Don't miss out - Join us at our first exclusive customer conference, CONNECT, where you will:


  • MEET and connect with like-minded peers to grow industry relationships
  • DISCUSS industry challenges and future-cast which tech evolutions will help hotels of the future
  • EXPLORE the next big shifts that will affect the world of revenue management
  • ENGAGE with some of the exciting plans on the horizon for OTA Insight



The OTA Insight vision

  • A quick introduction to OTA Insight’s origins and the importance of its three founding pillars - actionable insights, data accuracy and customer support

The current market and industry shifts

  • The shift from a revenue management function to a revenue management culture
  • The latest market and industry updates across the distribution landscape
  • Deep-dive into key trends and highlights tracked via OTA Insight data
  • Take outs from our latest customer survey

OTA Insight: what’s on the horizon

  • The development outlook for OTA Insight for 2020 and beyond
  • What’s next? And what else is at the forefront of tech developments


Accelerating analytics in a new age of data: building a seamless technology experience with accuracy, speed and scale

  • What’s important to OTA Insight from a tech perspective and why?
  • The need for data accuracy and its importance for the customer experience

Transforming the customer experience

  • The importance of investing in human capital to maximise the customer experience
  • The customer feedback loop and its influence on ongoing development and evolution

Think Tank - The Future of Hospitality

  • An open session discussing tech trends happening within hospitality where we answer questions on: Where to next? What is the next big gamechanger? How else will the industry evolve?



You'll have a chance to meet speakers including our CEO, Sean Fitzpatrick; Co-founder and CCO, Gino Engels; Director of Engineering, Mathias Verhoeven; Director or Product, Ivo Minjauw; and Global Director - Customer Success & Operations, James Parsons.

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Date: September 12, 2019

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

City: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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