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Providing user-friendly revenue management tools to hoteliers and hotel management companies.

Rate Insight

Gain real-time business intelligence with the industry’s best hotel rate shopper so you can make smarter pricing decisions.

Join us virtually and discover why over 50,000 hotels around the world leverage our tools to make smarter revenue and distribution decisions, and learn "Why it’s time to shape your revenue strategy, with forward looking data" - a presentation by Gino Engels, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer.

: 9 - 12 March



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Over 50,000 hotels around the world leverage OTA Insight to make smarter revenue and distribution decisions.

Our team loves to chat about all things rate and revenue management:

  • To understand how you can make smarter revenue and distribution decisions

  • To focus on making decisions instead of manually collecting data

  • To identify opportunities to drive greater revenue


Discover OTA Insight's products

Market Insight

The industry's first predictive market intelligence solution that captures hotel booking intent in real time to uncover new revenue opportunities. 


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Rate Insight

Make smarter pricing decisions. Get real-time rate intelligence with the industry’s leading hotel rate shopper. 


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Parity Insight

The end-to-end solution for groups and chains to track hotels’ parity performance, efficiently manage online partnerships and solve the right parity issues across OTAs and metasearch.

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Revenue Insight

Make better, faster decisions with dynamic hotel PMS analytics and unlock your revenue potential. _____


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