Hoteliers to benefit from new OTA Insight and Mews partnership

Hoteliers to benefit from new OTA Insight and Mews partnership

London, Denver & Singapore, July 9, 2020 - OTA Insight, the cloud-based data intelligence platform for the hospitality industry, is announcing the integration of the Mews property management system (PMS) and its reservations data into Revenue Insight, the leading business intelligence solution in the industry.

Mews, providers of the industry’s most disruptive and integratable cloud-based PMS, will now have the ability to connect with Revenue Insight, promising the aptitude for greater leveraging of business insights.

This move represents a significant opportunity for users of the popular PMS: those who sign up will be able to seamlessly pull data from their properties automatically into the user-friendly Revenue Insight tool. This will enable them to take a more analytical view of their performance over different periods of time, and make more strategically-driven decisions - Revenue Insight is all about the granularity of users’ data, packaged into digestible chunks, and the flexibility to compare any date range with another.

"Mews and OTA Insight are both recent recipients of the HotelTechReport awards, so it's great to join forces to deliver unique business and revenue insights,” said Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO at OTA Insight. “Their open API strategy meant the integration was quick and seamless so we already have a number of joint customers who are benefiting from our partnership.”

“We’re always on the lookout for hotel tech leaders to partner with, so we’re really happy to be working with OTA Insight,” said Matthijs Welle, Mews CEO. “They have a really great business intelligence solution that serves our customers perfectly – we look forward to helping hoteliers with them for many years to come.”

Revenue Insight is one of OTA Insight’s latest product innovations. The unique hotel BI solution allows hotel revenue managers to make hotel-level reporting and analysis simpler, better and faster through dynamic analytics on their key revenue management KPIs. With an easy-to-use interactive dashboard, hoteliers can use Revenue Insight to analyse their main business drivers and performance daily, weekly or year-over-year for past and future dates, and make better business decisions with confidence.

With Revenue Insight, Mews users will be set up in no time. Integrated within hours via a live API, they will save time radically as they’ll no longer need to export and compile data every day – the platform is updated overnight. They can monitor their performance in one click. They can optimise their revenue drivers with visual and interactive dashboards to spot, analyse and maximise every opportunity. And they can empower their teams to work together. 

You can download the official press release here in PDF or Word.

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