OTA Insight one of “10 Most Valued Business Intelligence Companies”

OTA Insight one of “10 Most Valued Business Intelligence Companies”

Leading technology platform and publication, Analytics Insight, has shortlisted OTA Insight as one of “The 10 Most Valued Business Intelligence Companies in 2018” in the latest issue of its magazine.


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The panel considered the distinctive and innovative offerings of business intelligence solutions by companies globally and selected those that offered the next generation of business intelligence and services that revolutionise the way insights are generated.

"Next generation of Business Intelligence will fuel disruption” said Analytics Insight, noting that OTA Insight's cloud-based data-intelligence platform will help to “make smarter revenue and distribution decisions in the hospitality industry”

Analytics Insight is the trusted and premier source of information and analysis on big data analytics to maximize the strategic value of organizations worldwide, so we are delighted to have made the cut.

In the same edition, Adriaan Coppens, co-founder and CEO of OTA Insight, penned a piece called “Empowering smarter revenue and distribution decisions”, which you can read here.

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