OTA Insight releases two innovative features and new data project to support hotel recovery

OTA Insight releases two innovative features and new data project to support hotel recovery

ReConnect virtual launch will host demonstrations on OTA Insight’s latest developments: Global Market Insight, Rate Strategy and Market OTB Forward Looking Benchmark.

London, Denver & Singapore – OTA Insight, the cloud-based data intelligence platform for the hospitality industry, announces today the launch of three innovative new features that have been developed to empower hoteliers to better navigate the recovery period and beyond. The Rate Insight and Market Insight product features, and data project will be officially showcased at OTA Insight’s digital ReConnect event on July 22nd, with dedicated sessions in the APAC, EMEA and AMER regions..

ReConnect, a forty minute virtual launch event, will feature OTA Insight product experts who will present developments and their respective benefits. These new features, paired with the interactive map data project, have been designed to tackle unique challenges the pandemic has presented to hoteliers; all combining to equip hoteliers with a more comprehensive and effective strategy to tackle recovery and beyond. Global Market Insight tracks global recovery and spots early signs of demand in select cities; Rate Strategy can uncover your competitors’ discounting strategies, to adjust your own to capture signs of demand, while Market OTB Forward Looking Benchmark measures the effectiveness of your strategy in converting that demand.




“The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the hotel industry, compelling everyone to adapt to new conditions and challenges; but this period of difficulty has also shown the resilience of the industry, offered fresh opportunities and sparked a new wave of innovation,” said Ivo Minjauw, Director of Product at OTA Insight. “As market leaders, it’s our mission to support hoteliers in every way possible to succeed in this new business environment. Innovation is part of OTA Insight’s DNA. Through the pandemic we’ve worked tirelessly to develop new features and projects that help hoteliers better navigate recovery with more informed, data-driven decision making. We’re excited to bring the industry together at ReConnect and show how these inventive new developments can empower hoteliers to respond with agility to current challenges and seize opportunities during the travel rebound.”

OTA Insight's new developments include:

Global Market Insight Map -Track worldwide recovery and spot early signs of demand

  • A free to use interactive map, accessible via the OTA Insight website.
  • Combines recovery trends from the last 6 months and demand outlook for the next 90 days, so you can be the first to spot upticks in demand for future dates. 
  • Identify whether you’re converting upper funnel search activity at your hotel.
  • Optimise your marketing campaigns by understanding who intends to travel to your destination and for how long.

📈 Access Global Market Insight

Rate Strategy - Uncover your competitors' discounting strategy and adjust yours to successfully capture that demand

  • A free enhancement available with Rate Insight Enterprise subscription.
  • Aggregated data that reveals patterns in the way you and your competitors offer discounts for different elements of your strategy such as multi-LOS discounts, mobile app deals, semi-flex policies, geo POS promotions, among many others.
  • Only solution on the market that allows users to uncover competitors’ discounting strategies in one glance.
  • Understand the impact of your own strategy on your pricing competitiveness.
  • Easily navigate from a high-level overview to more granular data that you can manipulate and export into Excel.  
  • Benchmark your own strategy and discount levels against your compset.

Market OTB Forward Looking Benchmark - Measure the effectiveness of your strategy in converting that demand

  • A free enhancement, available for Rate Insight and Market Insight, that lets you compare your own on-the-books (OTB) Occupancy to a city-level benchmark.
  • Brings together all your KPIs in one place to make better informed decisions: your OTB, your rates vs your compset, upcoming events and market demand insights.
  • OTB data is updated daily for the next 365 days, and accessible both in the OTA Insight app and your rate shopping reports.
  • Visualise your booking pace and daily pick-up vs the market to track the recovery momentum.
  • See how upper funnel demand converts into actual OTB business for your hotel vs your market.

Media enquiries: For further press information please contact us at pr@otainsight.com.


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