Sean Fitzpatrick interview with PhocusWire

Sean Fitzpatrick interview with PhocusWire

Recently, OTA Insight's CEO, Sean Fitzpatrick, was interviewed by PhocusWire, a Phocuswright brand that covers, analyses and debates important developments in the hotel industry.

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In the interview, under the section In the Big Chair, the newly appointed CEO highlighted how he's spent his first months at the company getting to know the team, and visiting customers, partners and investors. He's also travelled to most of the company's bigger offices, including the recently opened technology hub in Belgium, and the expanding offices in Dallas, London, Sydney and Singapore.

Commenting on the London-based startup's priorities, Fitzpatrick mentioned that his focus for his first year at the company will be to:


  • Maintain the growth momentum, whilst staying true to the values that made the company such a innovative disruptor in the hospitality industry
  • Keep developing the most innovative business intelligence solutions
  • Maintain the highest standards of customer satisfaction levels 

When asked about the current distribution landscape he stressed the continued growth of the hospitality industry and the new players in the market, which will mean more opportunities for hoteliers. Rate parity is one of the main challenges for the industry, and being able to know where hotels may be losing revenue is key for successful revenue management strategy.

OTA Insight's set of tools are aimed to help hoteliers make better decisions and maximise their revenue by identifying the right distribution channels, providing the most accurate real-time data and market demand, visualised in a simple, easy-to-use and actionable interface. 

Read the full interview here.

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