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A new world of challenges: your day to day has changed - so has your need for actionable data

With high-quality data from OTA Insight, you can adapt to the new conditions and challenges we all now face. Our business intelligence can help you chart your course of action by making informed, data driven decisions. The content featured below is tailored to help you respond to this year’s challenges and prosper during the travel rebound and beyond.

How can you overcome challenges and seize opportunities in the new normal?

2020 was a year like no other, creating a devastating impact on the hospitality industry. For the first time in history, travellers were bound by government restrictions, and hotels had to close in many countries.

Now as we move through 2021 and public-health, and travel restrictions are lifted, there will be an inevitable recovery and rebound for the resilient travel and hospitality sectors.

At OTA Insight, it is our mission to help hotels in every way possible to succeed in this new business environment. To help you navigate through the reopening process, we have created a hub of free, recovery focused materials, which we hope you will find useful as a guide.

Customer Stories

Russell Low, Director of Revenue Management at Amaris Hospitality


Rate Insight is a very intuitive tool, providing key information in a straightforward dashboard - saving us countless hours during a time of heightened pressure”

“The current circumstances which have materialised as a result of COVID-19 have meant that everyone’s time here at Amaris Hospitality is at a far greater premium than ever before...the process of manually analysing our compset, running parity checks and setting rates has been completely streamlined by Rate Insight.”


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Derek Brewster, Director of Revenue at the Lotte New York Palace


Market Insight’s real-time flight and search volume data has allowed us to determine buyer confidence and anticipate the first signs of recovery and increased demand.”

“The crisis made markets unpredictable and forced us to shift our focus away from historical data, making Market Insight’s comprehensive, forward-looking, real-time information extremely valuable.”

“Recently, we’ve been using the tool to look closely at the evolution of both flight and hotel search levels…we can use this advanced outlook to plan for the recovery phase, make data-driven pricing and distribution decisions and thus get a head start on our competitors.”

“Now, more than ever, it is important to detect the slightest changes in demand. Knowing who is coming in and how long they plan to be in town has also allowed me to customise promotions for who is actually flying in. Market Insight is providing me with new data that has only further improved my advantage in the marketplace.”



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David Gill, Director of Revenue Management at Silverado Resort and Spa


“The pandemic has led us down a path to get even smarter on new customer demographics, and that's where Revenue Insight has proved invaluable.”

“We needed to get past the onslaught of cancellations and really focus on identifying new customers. When Revenue Insight was brought forth, we had the flexibility to immediately separate and understand what booking behaviour was taking place.”

“Cancellations are inevitable in this climate. New bookings are what matter. Revenue Insight can hone in on new bookings, the customers that are buying today. There is a critical need to understand that value.”



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A look at your new revenue strategy in 2021

With light at the end of the tunnel, it’s time for you to look forward, plan your recovery strategy, and consider how to be successful in a new normal.

Despite lockdowns still in effect across many countries, most are planning to have much of their population vaccinated in the coming months.  Hotels will re-open, travel will start again and demand will gradually come back - but it will be a very competitive world.

So, what are the most important post-pandemic changes that hoteliers must adapt to in this new environment?


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7 Hospitality trends that require a shift in strategy


It may be many years before the hospitality industry has fully “recovered.” So it might be tempting to keep costs low and wait it out. But, hoteliers looking to position their properties as leaders in their markets are preparing now.

The landscape has shifted and hospitality may never look the same. To set yourself up for success in this new normal, you must adapt to meet evolving industry trends.

Here are seven trends hoteliers must understand and attack with strategies over the short and long term.

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How to shape your 2021 revenue strategy with forward - looking data


This informative webinar, shows you how to to leverage forward-looking data to get ahead of the competition, align your commercial teams, and better anticipate changing consumer behaviour. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • What are the changes in booking behaviour caused by COVID - and how hoteliers can anticipate in this challenging landscape.
  • Why forward looking and upper funnel data is the future of revenue management.
  • Gain understanding how the landscape has changed - and how to best prepare for recovery.

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A new reality: today’s revenue teams rely on flexibility and forward-looking data


The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting global travel lockdown has caused widespread disruption to the hospitality industry.

Historical and on-the-books data has been rendered ineffective, meaning revenue teams need to reinvent their strategies. This white paper investigates:

  • Why you should shift focus to forward-looking data to accurately predict traveller demand
  • What new forward-looking data is on offer and how it can help hoteliers tackle changing consumer behaviour
  • How to implement forward-looking data into your revenue strategy and action it for success


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Why it’s time to shape your revenue strategy, with forward looking data?

This thought-provoking presentation outlines how you can utilise forward looking data to succeed in this new era of management. Access the entire presentation now and find out:

  • How COVID has changed consumer behaviour - and how hoteliers can adapt to this new and demanding environment
  • What new forward looking data-sets are available to hotels in the 'new normal'
  • How to action these data-sets in your revenue strategy
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Travel Search Trends

OTA Insight has developed datasets for a variety of cities, tracking traveller search patterns, so hoteliers can adapt to future shifts in consumer demand as markets recover across the globe.

You can use this free resource as a guide to plan for when your own market begins to open up. See two examples below.




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Access global travel search trends

Downloadable Assets


Rate Insight - helping you prepare for the recovery


Key Challenges - what’s worse than no data? The wrong data.

  • “The lockdown has changed my entire strategy - how do I rebuild and plan for the rest of 2020?”
  • “How do I price for key events & holidays?” How have other hotels changed their strategy for Q4?
  • What about Thanksgiving? Conferences? Sport events?
  • How can I decide on the right course of action during such turbulent times?
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Revenue Insight - Optimising for recovery

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Recovery Accreditation


Travel is coming back. Are you prepared? Find out by taking our short Road To Recovery quiz. Pass, and you'll receive the Road To Recovery certification of attendance, so you can showcase to your colleagues that you're fully prepared for the travel boom ahead!


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Role of technology solutions in recovery

Throughout 2021, travel will be heavily influenced by government regulations. It will be a challenging time and without the proper business intelligence data, it will be difficult for hotels to forecast, plan and outline budgets – since demand patterns and consumer booking behaviour have changed significantly.

While the travel and hospitality landscape will likely never be the same again, this can be viewed as a new era for the sector full of opportunities. At OTA Insight we believe that there a number of areas to unlock, including:

Hoteliers will need data more than ever to make informed decisions, since historical patterns, year over year trends and traditional demand drivers are no longer as relevant.

In many cases, hotels have had to reduce the size of their workforce, but the work remains the same. More work is now required from team members, with fewer resources available. However, technology can be used to ease the operational burden, enhance time efficiency and facilitate smarter revenue decisions.

With Market Insight we have the only product available on the market that identifies demand based on forward looking data, so you can get ahead of the booking curve in a highly competitive market.

OTA Insight’s full-stack set of innovative solutions offer a proactive, data-driven approach to perfectly position hotels in this new business environment and seize upon emerging revenue opportunities.


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Market Insight

The industry's first predictive market intelligence solution that captures hotel booking intent in real time to uncover new revenue opportunities. 


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Rate Insight

Make smarter pricing decisions. Get real-time rate intelligence with the industry’s leading hotel rate shopper.                           


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Parity Insight

The end-to-end solution for groups and chains to track hotels’ parity performance, efficiently manage online partnerships and solve the right parity issues across OTAs and metasearch.

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Revenue Insight

Make better, faster decisions with dynamic hotel PMS analytics and unlock your revenue potential.             _____


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