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Make smarter pricing decisions. Get real-time rate intelligence with the industry’s leading hotel rate shopper.

Make smarter pricing decisions


Rate Insight provides real-time rate intelligence information on your competitors’ complete pricing strategy. Featuring granular insights on competitors’ rates, ranking, reputation, and OTB occupancy, Rate Insight empowers hotel partners with relevant datasets.

NEW - The all new Overview for Rate Insight

Everything you need, all in one place.

The Overview is free for current Rate Insight customers. The Overview consolidates data from any combination of products you subscribe to now, and that you may add in the future, including Revenue Insight, Market Insight, and Parity Insight.
The more products you subscribe to, the deeper the insights you’ll receive.

Benefits of the Overview for Rate Insight users:
  • Key metrics at a glance - A dynamic platform to track key insights into your distribution and market performance.
  • Alert feed - Keep teams on top of important changes, enabling them to spot and act on opportunities more efficiently and effectively.
  • Personalised settings - Get the control and flexibility you need with flexible settings to empower you to gain ownership over your experience. 
  • Collaborate with ease - Improve operational efficiency by sharing insights across teams. The Overview provides snapshots of performance to make it easy to align teams with key data points.
  • Organise your work - A dynamic list to track important days, and add notes for reminders.

Gain competitor intelligence

See your competitors’ current, past and future rates with the most real-time data available anywhere - all in a user-friendly dashboard

Price with confidence

Align or adjust your pricing based on factors such as rate shopping, customisable room-type mapping and parity monitoring in one comprehensive dataset

Understand market trends

Access event, holiday calendars and online reputation data that influence rates in your market. Make instantaneous changes when opportunities arise

Get a clear view on rate evolution

Monitor pace and rates to spot trends at your property and compset. Identify rival pricing strategies to optimise your rate strategy


Full stack market intelligence


Use Rate Insight, Market Insight and Revenue Insight to get a complete overview of your market and hotel performance

Easily identify pricing opportunities in a user-friendly rate intelligence dashboard.

  • See a live, simple and accurate snapshot of your competitors’ current, past and future rates.

  • Monitor and compare pricing strategies of your competitors across all key OTAs, brand.com and GDS.

  • Access the hotel industry’s most accurate data.

  • Receive live refreshed rates and precise tax calculations.

  • Get granular details down to room type and length of stay - with no caching issues.

  • Schedule reporting up to 365 days ahead with rate shops across multiple rate setups.


Track competitor pricing strategy changes over time

  • Analyse any historical or future dates in one single click.

  • Keep track of your competitive set’s pricing strategy and how rates evolve over time leading up to the arrival date.

  • Monitor competitor’s pricing movements for different channels and identify their pricing patterns.

Pinpoint where you are losing valuable revenue by identifying parity issues on all key OTAs and metasearch channels, in real-time.

  • Discover in real-time which rates are appearing on OTAs and metasearch websites.

  • Find any discrepancies between your brand.com and third-party channels.

  • View parity issues, up to 12 months in advance.

  • Avoid caching issues by shopping rates on demand.

  • Receive a clear parity report overview, directly in your inbox.

  • Uncover parity issues sourced from multiple POS (Point-Of-Sales).


The most comprehensive & granular pricing dataset on the market.

  • Our unique technology monitors rates from 50+ different Geo Point-Of-Sales across OTAs to ensure the most relevant view of your price competitiveness.

  • Rates are tracked via both desktop as mobile devices for all major OTAs to ensure you never miss a mobile promotion.

  • We track Booking Basic & Expedia Third Party rates to ensure you have full visibility on all rates, including 3rd party rates.

Rate Insight is the ideal rate shop tool for revenue professionals managing multiple hotels across several cities, regions or countries.

  • View pricing and event analytics across your entire portfolio in a consolidated dashboard.

  • Toggle between a macro-level overview and detailed property-by-property view in an actionable and flexible interface.

  • Make the right pricing decisions at the right time, with the industry’s most accurate live shopped data.

  • Simplified reporting offers cluster / regional revenue managers or asset managers superior performance insights.


Get clarity on competitor discounting strategies.

  • Get full visibility of your competitor hotels’ discounting strategies so you can set competitive prices with confidence.

  • Compare different rate types such as public versus member rates, desktop vs. mobile, room types, guests, best flex versus lowest rates, different meal plans and (length of stay) LOS1 versus multiple-night stays.

  • Identify strategic adjustments and revenue opportunities, by comparing current rates versus rates the same time last year.

Monitor local events and your source markets’ holiday calendars.

  • Gain access to a consolidated events database for a better understanding of what drives demand in your market.

  • View your events in the rate shop calendar for a complete picture of demand drivers on any given date.

  • Unlock a full database of leisure and corporate events - up to 365 days in advance - automatically imported into the dashboard.


Track your OTA ranking and review score. Compare your performance versus your competitive set.

  • Chart your online OTA rank and guest review performance versus competitors and see whether your OTA promotions and marketing campaigns are paying off.

  • Track any changes in your ranking on the main OTAs and TripAdvisor on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Drill down and view OTA ranking by arrival date.

Connect your hotel’s OTB (On the books) to analyse the impact of your rate changes on your OTB.

  • Track the evolution of room bookings against lead time.

  • Analyse the impact of your rate changes on your OTB.

  • Get clear visibility of high demand days, competitor rates along with your current OTB - all in one tool.


Rate Strategy feature

Included in your Rate Insight Enterprise subscription, this dashboard gives you a long term overview of your competitors’ discounting strategies

  • Uncover the long-term discounting strategies of your competitors in one quick glance

  • Understand the impact of promotions on your pricing competitiveness

  • Drill down into specific elements of strategy for a complete overview

  • Benchmark your own strategy and discount levels against your compset

What makes us unique


Data quality

Advanced anomaly detection and automated integrity control ensure the industry's most accurate, complete and reliable data.


Actionable insights

Our easy-to-understand dashboard with real-time data and instant drill-down capabilities enables our customers to spot and leverage opportunities.


Unparalleled customer care

Rated the highest satisfaction score in the hotel industry. Global 24/6 customer support ensures peace of mind across all time zones.


Since using Rate Insight, our revenue and reservations team have drastically improved their efficiency, completing tasks an estimated 60% faster.

Aashish Trivedi, Group Director of Revenue
Fusion Resorts

I cannot imagine doing revenue management without OTA Insight. At the click of a button, I have live rates and reports.

Harris Ratnawardana, Director of Revenue
Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney

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