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Discover everything
Pricing Assistant has to offer

  • Actionable intelligence that drives decisions

  • Built specifically for independent hotels

  • User-friendly interface and fast, streamlined onboarding means you’ll see results faster

  • Most diverse and trusted data set in the hospitality industry ensures accuracy

  • Transparent & personalized recommendations for your hotel

  • The best customer support in the industry, with real people, not bots

With Pricing Assistant, you can


Maximize every revenue opportunity

Automated pricing adjusts your rates in real-time. You set the rules and Pricing Assistant takes care of the rest. Set the right price, every time, to out perform your competitors.


Save time every day

Getting started is a breeze, so you'll spend less time analyzing data and more time focusing on your guests.


Price with confidence

Recommendations are backed by the most reliable data in the industry including historical, real-time, and forward-looking competitive data.


Customize your pricing decisions

Flexible and customizable settings ensure that Pricing Assistant caters to the unique needs of your hotel.

Recommendations are updated every hour for the next 365 days

Drive revenue by activating a dynamic room pricing strategy with Pricing Assistant based on current occupancy, competitor prices, and market demand.

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Get going, faster

  • Click “Start free trial” and before you know it, you’ll have access to live price recommendations

  • No long delays, technical knowledge or years of historical data necessary

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Visualize your pricing at a glance

  • The calendar view highlights days with revenue opportunities and provides recommendations

  • Recommendations are color-coded making it easy to see days that need your attention

  • Effortlessly navigate your opportunities and set rules for future recommendations

Transparent and personalized recommendations

  • We eliminate the black box by showing you the factors influencing your recommendations with full transparency

  • Hover over a day to see detailed price calculations, including occupancy, competitive factors, and holidays or events that drive bookings

  • Explore 12 months of forward-looking dates, refreshed hourly


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Automate your recommendations

  • Easily integrate Pricing Assistant with your PMS system

  • Save time by allowing Pricing Assistant to push recommendations automatically

What makes us unique


Data quality

Advanced anomaly detection and automated integrity control ensure the industry's most accurate, complete and reliable data.


Actionable insights

Our easy-to-understand dashboard with real-time data and instant drill-down capabilities enables our customers to spot and leverage opportunities.


Unparalleled customer care

Rated the highest satisfaction score in the hotel industry. Our customer support ensures peace of mind across all time zones.

Take control of your pricing strategy and unlock more revenue opportunities.
Try Pricing Assistant today and see the difference it can make!