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In 2022, the state of the hotel market is still uncertain and fiercely competitive. The most effective way to overcome these conditions and obstacles is to adapt your organizational structure to meet the needs of an evolving industry.

Break your Sales, Marketing, Revenue Management and Distribution teams out of the ‘Silo Mentality’ and unite them under a holistic, data-driven commercial strategy, improving operational efficiency and driving profitability.

This exclusive webinar will provide you and your team with the insights and framework needed to develop a holistic commercial mindset and strategy that gets the best out of your commercial teams, by using real-time historical, current and future-looking data.

After attending this webinar, you’ll gain expert knowledge from industry leaders that can inform strategies across your Sales, Marketing, Revenue Management and Distribution teams.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

Predict: Identify and capture demand with a sales and marketing strategy driven by forward looking data.
Price: Understand what promo and discounting strategies are used in your market to orientate your sales and marketing efforts.
Distribute: Monitor your disparity and optimise your channel mix with a refined strategy.
Analyze: Further shape your commercial strategy by refining each of your sales, marketing, distribution and revenue strategies.

By registering, you will get a copy of the eBook: The four key pillars of a successful commercial strategy in 2022 - Predict, price, distribute and analyze.

Please join OTA Insight on this webinar - February 8th @3pm-3:30pm EST. Register now!

February 8th @3pm-3:30pm EST

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