What is hotel rate intelligence?

Everything you need to know for successful revenue management at your hotel.
With so many factors impacting revenue management, the key is understanding how you can optimise and leverage them.

Hotel rate intelligence refers to tools that analyse hotel pricing trends, current market conditions and local competitor rates. These tools present the data in actionable formats, and help revenue managers make pricing decisions.

An effective rate intelligence tool will have:

  • A user-friendly dashboard to allow you to visualise your data and leverage the insights.
  • Real-time data that empowers you to make better pricing and distribution decisions to optimise revenue.
  • The ability to track where you are losing valuable revenue by identifying parity issues across all key OTA and Metasearch channels.
  • An events tab to enable you to forecast market demand in your area.

The best rate intelligence tools will allow you to save time through these features and help tackle the daily challenges hoteliers face.

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