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At OTA Insight, we are aware that we serve the hospitality industry, whose business is to serve customers. Quite rightly, our industry expects a high level of service, which we aim to provide.

As such, we deliver around the clock 24/7 day customer service. You can expect our first response to come within 5 minutes, and we’ll aim to resolve any question within an hour.


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Over the last 365 days:

Median first response

3min 12sec

Median subsequent response time

3min 17sec

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"Same day response, fixed the problem, explained the issue, asked for confirmation, and gave instructions if there are any further issues. Checked all the boxes. Thank you!"

The OTA Insight Customer Success tone of voice is a great representation of who we are and what to expect when you contact us. We truly believe in these principles and want to be held accountable. If you believe we've ever missed the mark, please get in touch.




Our goal is to convey information to you quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on our transparency so we will always aim to be as straightforward and specific as possible.



We believe good sentences have fewer words. The life of a revenue manager is a busy one and we don’t want your time to be spent reading through lengthy messages from us when you could be taking the decisions that matter to you and your business.



We’re a friendly and unique bunch of humans (not bots!) from around the world. We are passionate about helping and empowering people like you thanks to our brilliant products. We don’t do scripted service and encourage our team members to let their personalities shine through their conversations with you.



Our innovations and product enhancements are a result of the invaluable feedback we’ve received from our users over the years. There is no such thing as a silly question or remark, we love feedback. We will be honest if we don't know the answer to your question, and will always do our best to find out and follow up with you.




We have a dedicated team available on the chat 24h a day to answer any question you may have. We have a real sense of urgency so you can expect our first response to come within 5min. If we anticipate that your request will take longer than 24h to resolve, we will make sure we provide regular updates to you.



Our Customer Success team are true OTA Insight experts with a wealth of knowledge at your disposal.