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How have hotels adjusted rate strategies in current market situations?


The impact of COVID-19 on the hotel industry is unquestionable. In the face of travel bans, closures and shifting consumer behaviours, hoteliers around the world have changed their pricing and rate strategies.

To help you adapt to market behaviour during the recovery period, OTA Insight has developed datasets for more than 100 cities globally, tracking pricing trends across 100+ properties in each of these cities. Updated weekly, Global Hotel Market Rate Trends help provide a better understanding of macro trends, pricing and inventory rates.


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Weekly Market Rate Changes

Exclusive city by city weekly market rates, quantifying data trends for hotels in your market. An analysis based on useful benchmarks for your hotel, to help you adjust your short or long term strategy.

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Learn how rates have shifted due to market reaction and how the hotel pricing strategy influences the overall market outlook. Compare market recoveries or price variances to make informed, data-driven decisions.

In-depth Market Analysis

Get access to OTA Insight’s COVID-19 weekly rate market data trends reports - a collection of extensive data sources with a targeted market analysis to help support hoteliers' decisions regionally and globally during these challenging times.