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What is in the whitepaper?

  • Understand what forward-looking search data is in the context of the hotel industry
  • Learn how forward-looking flight and hotel search data is a reliable gauge of demand and discover how effective it can be for hoteliers
  • Learn how you can harness forward-looking search data with Market Insight to get a competitive advantage
  • See how early Market Insight can predict demand trends and how you can act on different demand scenarios for commercial success

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"You need to have technological solutions, like Market Insight, so that you are able to look at forward-looking information, analyse your markets, understand what strategies your competitive set is doing, and adapt your own strategy.

It simply enables you to increase your revenue."
Beto Serrão | Revenue Manager at Portobay Hotels and Resorts



Why should I read this whitepaper?


The datasets presented in this paper have been retrospectively analysed to confirm positive correlations between forward-looking search data, market demand and resulting hotel occupancy. Our findings reveal that forward-looking search data can in fact effectively predict hotel demand. 

Using a predictive intelligence solution like Market Insight, hoteliers can now successfully leverage forward-looking search data to effectively forecast demand levels in their market.

Access the whitepaper now to gain access to comprehensive commercial strategies, backed by predictive market intelligence. These include targeted incentives, offers and packages, and new pricing strategies to improve business performance and grow market share.