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Unleash the power of unified data with Spider, a fully-automated, brand neutral business intelligence (BI) solution that will help you and your team increase productivity while hitting revenue targets more efficiently.

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Spider is the go-to business intelligence solution for Revenue Managers, Management Companies, and Hotel Owners to boost both efficiency and effectiveness

How Spider can help you


Reporting, redefined

Spend more time on the big things. Make the move from manual to modern business intelligence, with fully automated reporting that streamlines key metrics.


One solution, complete control

Simplify your day-to-day on a single platform. Spider's 30+ integrations unify reporting and processes, empowering you to focus on strategy instead of drowning in spreadsheets.


Agile revenue management

With Spider, your team can seize opportunities faster than your competitors, without ever being held back by inefficient and outdated reporting systems.



Drive your decisions with data, not intuition

Spider helps you quickly and easily monitor your portfolio - streamlining the entire end to end process of revenue management
Spider automates data collection from property management systems, simplifying reporting and empowering your team to uncover revenue opportunities. Spiders's forecast and budget process keeps everyone in sync with daily snapshots.
If you're still relying on manual spreadsheets to analyze your top-line revenue, it's time to experience the Spider difference.

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Spider: your revenue management productivity solution


Spider ROI

Spider reduces time spent on common revenue management tasks (think: reporting prep and forecasting) by over 60%.


Spider Subscribers

More than 2,500 hoteliers choose Spider to monitor their portfolio and expand their revenue management capabilities.


In-house Revenue Experts

Spider was built by revenue managers to help revenue managers, management groups and owners become more efficient and hit revenue targets.


Make the switch from spreadsheets to simplicity, with Spider


Discover the power of Spider


See the big picture, with Hotel Snapshot

  • Find any discrepancies between your and third-party channels.

  • Annual Summary at a Glance: keep track of forecast, budget, and pace with the annual summary module.

  • Enhance Daily Engagement: ensure your team is always focused on achieving their goals.




Carpe Diem, with Day by Day

  • Comprehensive Data Analysis: get access to key data points such as market segment, rate plan, LOS analysis, and more.

  • Lead revenue management meetings with confidence. Drive data-driven discussions to make more informed decisions as a team.

  • Spider's Revenue Management module integrates with OTA Insight's award-winning Rate Insight solution.


Analyse and Take Action, with Account Analysis

  • Spider's Rate Plan Analysis module is the perfect tool for streamlining the RFP process, allowing you to quickly and easily compare rate plans.

  • Comprehensive Analysis: includes displacement, cost-benefit, and wish rate analysis.

  • Absolutely no manual calculations required.




Meet RevPak - an Industry First

  • Standardise your reporting: access packets across your entire portfolio, providing your team with a clear and consistent view of your hotel's performance.

  • Increase accountability: the RevPak library - a full archive of all historical RevPaks - ensures your team is always informed and up-to-date on your hotel's performance.


Simplify all of your reporting, with Portfolio Rollup

  • Streamline reporting into one consistent style, regardless of Property Management System or Brand Portfolio-Wide Insights.

  • Combine all of your portfolio hotels into a single dashboard view to compare performance levels.

  • Smart Heat Map: monitor pickup across the next 365 Days.

  • Comprehensive Annual Summary: track bookings, forecast, and budget.

  • Keep Focused: identify daily areas of focus for each hotel in your portfolio.




Stay ahead of the game, with Daily Glance

Each morning, you'll receive a comprehensive report that provides a snapshot of your property's performance, including pickup, reservations, forecasts, and more.

What makes us unique


Data quality

Advanced anomaly detection and automated integrity control ensure the industry's most accurate, complete and reliable data.


Actionable insights

Our easy-to-understand dashboard with real-time data and instant drill-down capabilities enables our customers to spot and leverage opportunities.


Unparalleled customer care

Rated the highest satisfaction score in the hotel industry. Our customer support ensures peace of mind across all time zones.

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