Parity Insight

The end-to-end solution for groups and chains to track hotels’ parity performance, efficiently manage online partnerships and solve the right parity issues across OTAs and metasearch.

Keep control of your distribution


Parity Insight gives hotel groups a suite of tools to discover and solve parity issues across their portfolio. The highly-intuitive platform tracks your parity performance on OTAs and metasearch and automates fixing parity issues.

Save time every day

Get a real-time view on your portfolio’s parity performance and let automated workflows do the work for you

Control your distribution

Monitor parity performance across all key distribution channels effectively using tools built for immediate action and response

Efficiently manage your online partnerships

Have the right conversations with the right distribution partners for overall better collaboration

Fix the right parity issues

Focus on relevant parity issues with automated prioritisation and root cause detection. No time wasted on caching errors


Track the progress and success of your portfolio’s parity performance at a glance in an easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Benchmark your strategy performance across the organisation and optimise distribution channels.

  • Monitor whether your hotels are in parity, cheaper or more expensive across all online distribution channels: direct, major OTAs and wholesaler OTAs.

Monitor your group’s distribution metrics and spot where the parity issues are coming from.

  • Drill down on parity issues segmented by market, brand, source, channel and price difference.

  • Easily spot the worst offending hotels in your portfolio and identify the problems they face: price discrepancy, sold-out, or room-type issues.

  • Trust your distribution insights completely, as Parity Insight is set up to match your chain’s needs.


Give your hotels the tools to track their parity performance versus your corporate target.


The hotel-level parity solution monitors where hotels are losing valuable revenue on:

  • Your own website -

  • Online Travel Agencies - OTAs

  • Metasearch websites.

By quantifying to each hotel their potential revenue loss prioritised by issue type, hotels can see which parity issues to focus on first and take proactive action.

Take action on parity issues across online distribution channels easily and efficiently.

  • View the most important parity issues the hotels in your portfolio are facing on one central platform.

  • Access all the evidence needed to facilitate communication and take action with third-party stakeholders such as your hotels, OTA channels and wholesale partners.


Workflow automation is doing the work so you can fix parity issues faster.

  • No time wasted investigating the cause behind parity issues in your hotel portfolio; Parity Insight automatically removes caching issues and identifies the real root causes behind all your parity issues.

  • Automated communication workflows between chain, hotel, OTA and wholesaler to action parity issues on a large scale.

Uncover the wholesalers behind your parity issues.

    • Identify wholesalers who redistribute your inventory to non-contracted OTAs who undercut your rates.

    • Focus on regions, hotels and OTAs with the highest estimated revenue loss or discrepancies. Uncover the exact rate discount between OTAs and

    • Get detailed reporting so you and your distribution partners can take evidence-based action.

* This feature is an add-on to Parity Insight


Annual Hotel Parity Review 2019


Read hoteliers' views on parity and deep dive into European and North American parity performance in this yearly roundup of exclusive parity analysis.

Find out where contracted and non-contracted issues are coming from




Data quality

Advanced anomaly detection and automated integrity checking ensure the most accurate, complete and reliable data in the industry.

Actionable insights

Intuitive dashboards with real-time data and instant drill-down capabilities enable customers to quickly identify and seize opportunities.

Unparalleled customer care

Rated the highest satisfaction score in the hotel industry. Global customer support ensures peace of mind across all time zones.

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